March 15, 2012

moved for now...

hey there...
you lookin for me?
i'm over here
come on over for
a visit.

January 11, 2012

rest in peace...

Officer Jared Francom

There is no
greater calling than to
serve your fellow men. 
There is no greater 
contribution than to
 help the weak.
 There is no greater 
satisfaction than to
have done it well.
~Walter Reuther~

November 3, 2011

you HAVE to watch this...

that little kid in the red and pajamas and his little brother...
i am hunting them down to marry my girls!
seriously, how cute are they??

that will forever pop into my head randomly.
kind of like charlie bit my toe.

hope you laughed right out loud!
big smile,

November 2, 2011

*sparkity, spark, spark, spark*

i would've posted about this earlier but i lost my camera.
then i found it, i left it at dear lizzy at the after party.
warning:  i am a horrible photographer and my camera...
well it's a dear little point and shoot that i love but it doesn't
take the best of photos.  

so, about *SPARK*.
seriously, just overwhelming.
picture a room full of creative, excited, beautiful inside and out, women.
everyone just seemed to glow.
i love to be a part of things that make women feel special.
heck, i love to feel special myself.
*wink and a smile*
and, let me tell you sisters, those ladies know how to make a girl feel special.
i so didn't know what to expect and i went all on my own and
dangit i was so nervous to go by myself.  
but, you know what?  it didn't last long...the women there
were so warm and welcoming and excited to meet new friends.


i LOVE signs...
and there were some of the coolest i've seen all over the place.
and they had inspirational quotes...i LOVE them more than signs.
that's a lot of love.

then there was the decorations inside...swoon.

this was our centerpiece and every table had something different and adorable!

bring in the goodies...

i forgot my camera the first day and got so carried away by what was going on the 
second day that i didn't get as many pictures as i would have liked to of all the swag
that we got!  it seemed like every time we turned around there was something 
awesome coming our way.  we were treated like queens i tell ya.

and then there were the classes...
i got to actually meet and talk to women
that i have admired so much on line.
made me a little star struck.
i didn't get a picture of kathe holden who is 
just as nice as can be and who taught
us how to make a sweet little nest necklace...

i also didn't get a picture of christy tomlinson,
 who i adore.  i have taken her classes online
and stalked her a little...
she is such a genuinely good person.
she is the reason that i love mixed media,
and one of the people who have inspired me to
art journal...and art journaling has opened up
a part of me that i didn't know was there.
so, that should tell you how much i adore
this sweet, talented, amazing, lady.

oh and there was donna downey...
i think i kinda have a girl crush on her now.
she is so funky and such an incredible teacher.
and FUNNY!

we also took a junk journal class from jen jensen.
i was just kind of in awe of her. her talent...well it blew me away.
i could've spent all day creating away with her.
this is one of the scrapbooks that she made for
her little girl for her 6th birthday.  it was a circus
theme and this is made from a dictionary she cut in half
with her husband's chop saw!

i'm not kidding you....this thing was just incredibly cool.

there was a class with april meeker learning how to carve your own stamp.
i will definately be giving that some more of my time.
and she is the other girl crush i took away...amazing lady and so talented.
she is also my personal style hero.  coolest dresses and boots.

now, i have a confession, i wanted to take my friend kristen to explore 
a couple of places and so we skipped class a couple of times.
we missed a class with the incredibly sweet and talented amy tangerine 
and with emily falconbridge.  i'm tellin ya something right now...
emily falconbridge looks exactly like i dreamed of looking back in my
hippie days...she rocks dreads like no-one i've ever seen!

i love rhonna, love, love her!
she is a bundle of pure joy and it radiates from her.
she talked to me for quite a while and gave me some
great advice about my new blog...stay true to who you are.
she is just awesome.

margie is hilarious and the brains and brawn behind it all
and she is just super
she is all about building up women...
us supporting one another...
creating from the heart...
all of the things i adore in a woman.
(i am starting to sound a little like i'm gay...
'not that there's anything wrong with that'...seinfeld.)

i also was so lucky to be a part of the marketplace.
i am used to a 10x10 booth and so i had to rearrange my 
plans a few days before and i was so nervous about
it but it turned out great!

and my friend, kristin from faded prairie had an amazing booth, as usual!
that girl can style a space like no-one i've ever seen.
she is having an amazingly generous *spark* give-away today on her blog...
you are sooo gonna want to go enter that.

i also need to mention a talented, talented jewelry maker
that i met, made fast friends with, and was up until 2 am talking to.
that's the latest i've been out for i don't know how long!
her name is canela, she is so genuine and kind and i just love her.
her jewelry is should go and look at it and meet her here...
and she has donated a necklace to faded prairie's give-away that is just so cool.
well, friends.
i would wish for everyone to be able to *spark* next year.
it was just inspiring.
i can't wait to go to number 4. can't.wait.

don't forget to go visit dandelion farm girl today and 
enter our give-away of all things good.
*big smile*


October 31, 2011

introducing *dandelion farm girl*...

a while ago i told ya'll i was working on a new project...
that new project is finally ready to go.
i'm so excited.  and nervous.  and excited.
i've been working with an amazing little blog designer
and she has held my hand the whole way.
and now, we are live.
will you go check it out? 
and let me know what you think?
please feel free to grab a button while your there.
*wink and a smile*
and like us on facebook...
that would be great!

sooo here you go.
click on that name and it will take you right over.

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