March 17, 2008

a little color...

Okay...I know that the bulk of my shop is stitcheries...but the thing I love to do most is create. I love to create bags and pillows and things of this nature. Stitcheries are my bread and butter and there are some that I love to do. It seems that the ones that I do the most though are black thread on cream fabric with no VAVOOM! I need that sometimes. So on Friday I decided that I needed a little bit of fun and color. I just bought this fun, girly, colorful fabric at the quilt store and it was begging to be made into a bag. It turned out so so cute and I love it, don't you? It will be making its debut on my etsy shop..
I've decided to allow myself to create something new and fabulous between days of stitching away. We will be getting ready for The Farm Chicks show very soon so we will be doing lots and lots of stitching....yeah! Have I mentioned my small obsession with The Farm Chicks? Just a small one... I get to do their show this June and I don't think I have been this excited in a very long time. ..I kind of feel like a kid I'm so excited. It's like the ultimate honor or something. I'm a little goofy. So beware, you will be hearing about the show many many times in the next couple of months!


Jeff & Haley Murdoch said...

Love the bag Marci! And I'm impressed that you posted a picture and everything. Are you doing Raspberry Days this year? What about the Dickens Festival? And, do you need any help up at Farm Chicks? I'm volenteering... FYI. Maybe I'll try for next year and we can Car-A-Van!!!!

The Hills said...

Hello! You are such a doll, and this page is adorable! I'm really excited you are on here. Love you dearest!

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