March 28, 2008

thankful thursday

well, my little niece does this great thing every thursday on her blog so  i think that i will adopt the idea myself.  it is called thankful thursday...great idea don't you think?
1.  the first thing i am grateful for is the fact that tomorrow is friday.  i love friday because it means that my sweet husband's very long work week is over and i actually get to see him for longer than twenty minutes a day for the next three that!
2.  i am very grateful for all of the amazing women in my life.  i am so blessed to have just an abundance of good strong women around me.  it is so awesome to have all of these great role models for my girls.  teachers, moms, and women who love them and
 want the very best for them.
3.  this one is very shallow...i am so grateful for dish tv.  i know, i know....not a great thing to be grateful for.  i'll tell ya what, when i am stuck on the couch stitching for days at a time, dish tv is a very beautiful thing.  law & order 24/7, csi 24/7, the first 48, bio channel...and of course last but not least, hgtv....the best of all.
well, there ya go, my things that i am grateful for today.  
have a beautiful friday!


Torrie said...

i found you through the farm chicks and wanted to say thanks for the cool dr. seuss poem a few blog posts back. i put it on my blog and put a link to you on there too! i can't wait till the farm chicks and to see all the cool things you come up with along the way!
thanks for letting me stop in!

Torrie said...

just coming to shop- wish i was a vendor, but i don't think i'm as creative as need be.i stop and say hi when i get to your booth, can't wait to see what you bring!

Don and Jacki said...

Can I just tell you how proud I am of you? You've broken the pattern, and you know what I mean. You are a Great Mom and are so good to your girls. They are lucky to have YOU as their MOM! (even if you are greatful for dish tv) I Love You, Marc and I hope you know that! Love, Jack

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