March 25, 2008

today i'm thankful for infertility

Today I am thankful for infertility.  Of course I was lucky enough to be able to have one beautiful baby girl before the infertility came to stay.  Thank heaven for Mady...she's my first miracle child.  Somedays to be quite honest I am not grateful for infertility...somedays I just plain hate it.  Even now.  But today as I watch my two little amazing girls I am so grateful for it I'm just full to the brim.  The thought that I may have not had the priviledge to be their momma  just is too much.   What beautiful, funny, smart, beautiful little ladies they are.  They make my heart smile at least 30 times every single day (even amidst the temper tantrums and whining!)  So, today I am very very happy that my body couldn't I am happy that adoption is a possibility and that my Heavenly Father blessed me with two beautiful, happy little angels that I get to call my girls.

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Wilky's said...

This is such a sweet picture of your daughters. They are so cute!

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