April 30, 2008

women's conference

i am off to women's conference  for the next two days...i am so excited.  my sister and i have been going every year for the last 8 or 9 years and it is such an awesome experience.  it's just what this lady needs to get back in touch with the things that are important in life.  it's amazing how far off track i let myself get sometimes.  for some reason i always come away with a renewed sense of who i am and what my purpose here is.  there is something about sitting in the marriott center with about 18,000 other women who have the same worries, thoughts, dreams, and goals as you do and knowing that you are not alone.  also to hear all of their voices singing hymns together is an awesome experience.  i cry ever time, just ask ginny.  it just touches me in my heart.  this year we have gotten a hotel room so that we can stay for the thursday night activities.  there is always a concert and lots of opportunities to do things for the humanitarian center.  i just love every minute of the time spent there listening to the amazing speakers and spending time with my sister.  i'll tell you all about it when i get home.

April 29, 2008

bills & budgets....yuck!

bills+no money=stress
stress+no money=me trying to budget
me trying to budget=scary!
prayers for me trying to stick to my budget=needed in great quantity!

April 25, 2008

emma smith

i just went and saw the movie "emma smith; my story".
what a courageous, beautiful woman.  i can't believe all that she went through.  she truly was an elect lady.  also an amazing love story.  that was true love.  i would highly recommend it but take some tissues.

a few of my favorite things

doesn't this kitchen just make you want to go there and chat with your fabulous friend who lives there while ya'll make pie together?

this is my friend jean's most wonderful lye soap...she has every yummy smell you could want and it is the best!

these are the sweetest little melts..they smell like malted milk but i love them most because they are so cute and springy!  the little lady at creekside hollow primitives is so talented!

i love these jars at the primitive pear...if they weren't in australia i would be the proud owner of one of these cuties...i love them!!!  isn't that just the most clever little altered art  collage you have ever seen?

April 24, 2008

a few pretty things

i had to show you the beautiful little charms that i got yesterday...sorry that the picture isn't very clear.  i had a hard time getting a good one.  they wrapped them up in the sweet little boxes with ribbon...how cute is that?  i just love this new soldered jewelry and was so excited to find someone who does it locally.  

April 23, 2008

envy and whining in utah county

have you ever met one of  those ladies?  you know, the one who is seemingly perfect.  she is thin and beautiful even though she has six kids (who are also perfectly beautiful).  her hair is pretty and of course always looks like she just walked out of the salon.  she has the flawless skin that doesn't look like she would ever have to wear make-up.  she's dressed to the nines and actually has clothes that are in style but also classy.  her house is amazing and is in alpine.  i met just such a lady yesterday.  a friend and i went to a jewelry open house at the aforementioned amazing home.  oh and did i mention that she has talent and makes beautiful jewelry?  also that her handsome husband is an attorney and does investments on the side...therefore i am guessing that she makes this jewelry because she enjoys it, not really because she needs the money.  of course all of the ladies who were at this open house looked just like she did, perfect, and were buying up this jewelry at an alarming rate so you know she is doing well with it.  when i see this kind of lady it makes me look at myself and not be so kind.  i'm overweight, my clothes are definately not in style (because that kind of money all goes to the kids),  my hair is out of date (but dave loves it so it has to stay), i most certainly do not have the flawless skin, we live in a small older home that i think will never actually be finished, i drive an older vehicle, i buy jewelry from her even though i can't afford it because i don't want to be the only loser there who can't buy it (even though i shouldn't),  blah blah blah.  i do have the handsome husband thing going for me.  mine is very handsome and although his job doesn't pay much it is very important and i am so proud of him for doing it. and my kids are perfectly beautiful. so there you go...all of my insecurities out there for the world to see.  

**clarification:  this lady is very kind and pretty inside too.

April 16, 2008

hero homecoming

i just wanted to give a little tribute to our brother who just got home from iraq today...he has been away for a year.  wade sacrificed so much to be away from his family and home.  his cute little wife and boys have also sacrificed that time with their dad and husband.  i just want them all to know how proud i am of him and them for their strength.  wade saw a lot of things and did a lot of things that i'm sure he won't soon forget.  he paid this huge price and served his country with pride and honor. so, thank you wader!  i'm so glad that you are home and safe! 
we are the home of the free because of the brave!  

April 15, 2008


yay!  juno came out on dvd today!!!  mady just went and grabbed us a copy and we get to watch it tonight.  i saw this movie with my sister, ginny, and then took mady to see it two days later.  i never see a movie more than once in the theatre but i loovvee  this movie!!!  it is not for the easily offended or the super religious (mom you would not like it!).  it deals with some more mature themes so also not good for little ones below like 12 or 13.  we are pretty open about things at our house so i took mady.  anyway, i highly recommend it, it's kind of a chick flick but i'm trying it out on dave tonight.  ellen page is so funny and perfect for playing juno, her parents are hilarious and i could only hope that i could be that supportive in their position.  the boy who plays her boyfriend is also perfect and her best friend,  the whole cast rocks in my opinion. even the music is crazy funny.  so there you go...sorry to gush but i had to share with my friends. (sorry the picture is a little hard to see but the light wouldn't stop reflecting off of the cover.)
-kay, quick edit...more crude than i remembered, no children under at least 16.:)  also, dave liked it so it's guy friendly.

April 11, 2008

my cruiser

this is my cruiser...i love it!  i sold my horse two summers ago because i saw this beauty in a magazine and had to have it.  i had a schwinn bicycle that my dad got at the d.i. when i was younger.  it was white and pink and had a mickey mouse bell on it.  i loved that bike.  we went around and around my block and i had lots and lots of skinned knees but it was freedom.  the wind through your hair...loved it.  being the antique bike lover that i am now i would kill to have that bike back!  so when i saw this bike it reminded me of my schwinn and i wanted it to be mine.  dave and i took a trip to the bike store and it was between her and another lovely lady but her soft color and plumeria blooms stole my heart.  i felt like a little kid again i was so excited.  i even have a little bell.  it embarrasses the crap out of mady when i use it...i think that's part of the reason i love to ring it so much!  i love the way this little honey makes me feel, like a kid again.

April 8, 2008

beautiful sunny spring day...not

well today was most definately not a beautiful sunny spring day, that's a little of my sarcastic side coming out.  it was a beautiful day though because we took a drive up to deer creek to get a little fresh air and do one of our favorite activities with the little girls.  we all love to throw rocks into water...i know it sounds a little funny but it's a great way to spend a little time.  the girls think it is the greatest thing and maya is always searching for that perfect rock, the one that will go as far as her little arms can throw it and make the biggest splash and the best sound.  this is the perfect rock for today....
peyton just goes about the task systematically picking up every rock within a little radius around her body and throwing them in one by one.  she was very muddy and a little wet but what's a little dirt when my girl is happy?  that's what childhood is for...
but the person who i think had the most fun was my cute little husband.  he loves to do this sport and is pretty dang good at it.  he likes to show off his skipping abilities (rocks that is) and his famous weenie rocks...i know it sounds bad...it's this special way he throws just the perfect oblong rock into a spiral and it makes a very distinct thunk.  i think that it got his name because he is a boy and that seemed like a good name when he was 12.  who knows?  all i know is that it is one of his special talents.  it is kind of cool though because after 15 years of throwing rocks together i know just what that thunk has to sound like in order for it to be a good one.  i love that!
so, even though it was not sunny, it was a beautiful spring day spent with my family having a little fun and getting rid of some cabin fever.  my life is pretty good...

April 3, 2008

shop update

i just updated my booth at the artisans marketplace...click on link above and it will take you there.

April 2, 2008

hard to let go...

do you ever have a hard time letting go of the things that you create?  i find that every time i make a bag i want to keep it.  you put all of that time and thought and creative power into something and then have to let it go.  Mady told me i have enough bags and it needs to be sold...hopefully someone nice will buy it and appreciate all that went into making it...
you will be able to find this little beauty on The Artisans Marketplace tomorrow. 

April 1, 2008


So, I think that I am addicted to reading other people's blogs.  What is it about other people's lives and thoughts that makes us want to read them?  Do you think it's curiosity or nosieness?  I don't know what it is...but I love reading them.  It's fun to read my families blogs because then I get to keep up on them and see pictures and keep in touch better.  But, I love to read the blogs of perfect strangers.  I have found several women that I want to be like so reading their blogs promote dreams of being better.  Some women have tremendous success doing exactly what they want to do...amazing.  Others share their times of distress which make me feel like I am not alone in my daily issues.  Some have great ideas that they are willing to share with others about being a mother, great recipes, crafting & sewing ideas, great websites and other blogs to visit.  Just what I need a whole other list of blogs to visit!  They must be good if someone puts them under their favorite place to visit, right?  A recent friend I have made, because of blogging, said that you all become like sisters over time, even though you never meet face to face.  It's all a little bizarre but when you are a stay at home mom I guess those are the easiest friends to make.  
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