April 25, 2008

a few of my favorite things

doesn't this kitchen just make you want to go there and chat with your fabulous friend who lives there while ya'll make pie together?

this is my friend jean's most wonderful lye soap...she has every yummy smell you could want and it is the best!

these are the sweetest little melts..they smell like malted milk but i love them most because they are so cute and springy!  the little lady at creekside hollow primitives is so talented!

i love these jars at the primitive pear...if they weren't in australia i would be the proud owner of one of these cuties...i love them!!!  isn't that just the most clever little altered art  collage you have ever seen?


Wilky's said...

You find the coolest things Marci...where does your friend sell soap? I want to try some!

Wilky's said...

hey marci.. you are sweet too. what flavor of soap is your fav? and maybe when we have a bit of time we could go do lunch up at los hermanos or something???

Kat said...

Marci ,,if you love Country Living ,,check out Cottage Living,,love that magazine!!!

Kat said...

Marci,,,,You are NOT alone!!! Love shabby chic!!!!
Whatever floats ya boat right!!!? Have what you love and enjoy!

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