April 24, 2008

a few pretty things

i had to show you the beautiful little charms that i got yesterday...sorry that the picture isn't very clear.  i had a hard time getting a good one.  they wrapped them up in the sweet little boxes with ribbon...how cute is that?  i just love this new soldered jewelry and was so excited to find someone who does it locally.  


haley said...

who is that had the party? does she have a website or blog???

Wilky's said...

i was just going to ask the same thing...i love it!

Marci said...

her name is janet kinkade...she is actually chad linebaugh's older sister, tanya. you can go to this blogspot and they have a little blurb about her. i think that she does them often but i am not sure. hay-we should go and do one of these shows. there is an application on their site. http://ohsweetsadie.blogspot.com

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