May 16, 2008

favorite summer memories...

my niece just posted this and i thought it was a cool idea.  it seems like the summer memories flood in this time of year.

my favorite summer memories:
  • going outside first thing in the morning barefoot and playing on my swing set.
  • sliding down the slide on above swing set with the water and slidy thing at the end.
  • going to jacki's every morning and playing all day while my mom worked.  
  • jacki always had kool-aid and cheetos and that was the best.
  • going swimming at pg pool and getting a snow cone or licorice rope at the snack shack after while you stood there freezing and cold.
  • staying at brooke's...flooding the grain bin and watching the mice run up the ladder 
  • and going to spanish fork pool and riding horses.
  • sleeping out in the backyard.
  • strawberry days rodeo complete with a rodeo burger and strawberries & cream.
  • sneaking out and climbing the wall at the pool and midnight swimming..sorry mom.
  • ginny telling me if i let her lay out for one more hour then she would have a water fight with me...the longest hours ever!
  • going camping in the green trailer.
  • aunt larue and uncle reed's house.
  • dinwoody with sherron ashton.
  • sherron and stephanie and me goofing around all summer.
  • my birthday
  • the summer i spent every morning riding horses with steve. he'd come and pick me up usually about an hour late in his big old ford truck and take me to lehi to ride...i thought he was the coolest.
  • ginny would always make me mac n' cheese out of the box...that was the best treat ever.
  • running through the irrigation water at jacki's.
  • going fishing with my dad.
  • cheer practices at 6am...i know crazy but we had so much fun.  we were in 8th and 9th grade with no coach.  tanya harrison taught us all the cheers, i think, and we had a blast.  i remember one day doing a front flip off of tanya's shoulders and landing on my noggin.  i also have pictures of us hanging off of the goal posts at pghs.  i don't know that we did a whole lot of practicing. 
oh good times...good times.  sometimes it makes me wish i was a little kid again and that was what summer was all about.


haley said...

oh to be young again... all fun and no responsibilities...

Mel said...

glad you joined in. love the memories. this week's topic is kinda lame...i have another idea. stay tuned.

Wilky's said...

wow marci,,you have a great memory! how fun to have great memories. and you bringing up cheer makes me want to go back. we had a blast! i want to see your pics. i need to pull mine out- that would be fun to get together and reminisce. good times! and you have so many as you were growing fun!

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