May 20, 2008

my little corner of the world

i found this little beauty at an antique sale last it!
my little nook was clean yesterday (this never  happens) so i thought i would snap some pictures and put them up here as proof that it happened!  i love this little space...
when i look at these little aprons i always wonder what fabulous woman wore them?  i know she was fabulous because they are something special.
i love all things vintage and old and it has been very fun to put some of my favorite finds to good use!

this is the fabulous cutting table that my dear husband made even has a space for my light box...perfection. 
pictures, quotes and all of the little things that make me smile.

have i told you lately about my small love affair with fabrics?  all colors, all shapes, all patterns...i am completely open to any.
all folded nicely and tucked into their little baskets...sheer beauty.

she's not fancy with lots of neat gadgets but together we make magic...
every time i look at this table i wonder what else has happened around it?  it has lots of nicks and grooves so i think it's seen some hard times...but it's painted a lovely shade of green so i know that at one time it was loved.  


Wilky's said...

How fun, fun, fun! You did find some fun things last weekend! I wasn't able to make it. I am so sad! And I think my favorite part of this post is the fabric....I think we may be 2 peas in a pod when it comes to fabric. Only mine isn't nice and organized like yours. Fun are so cool!

haley said...

looooove it!

Mindy said...

How cute is that??? I love all your stuff, and the aprons for a curtain? Genius! :)

Torrie said...

i have that same cart in my girls room with toys on it! but mine is orange.
can't wait till farm chicks! are you sooo excited? can't wait to come meet you and see all your cool goods!
take care~

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