June 29, 2008


a couple of weeks ago i turned 36.  mady just told me i'm old.  rude little sucker.... so let me start again.....a couple of weeks ago i turned 36.  i usually hate birthdays.  not that i mind getting older, it just seems like it should be this really big deal and it most times is not.  it's just another day really if you think about it.  this year though it was a really great day.  my sister and brother-in-law took dave and i on an awesome 4 wheeler ride in the mountains up by strawberry.  it was sooo beautiful and i love that area up there...we have lots of good memories as a family there.  it was so great to spend the day with three of my favorite people doing the thing i love most to do! i also have this sister in law who is the most thoughtful person i know. a couple of months ago i posted about a bottle i loved on this site.  well wouldn't you know that's what she got me??  all the way from australia.  she amazes me.  not only did she do that but she watched the little girls for us on her anniversary so we could go 4-wheeling.  my mom made me a sweet little apron and my little niece, haley,  baked me a loaf of her homemade bread...i love her homemade bread.  not to mention the phone calls and cards...i tell ya, i felt loved!  so thank you all of you sweet people who made my 36th birthday one of the best birthdays i have had in recent memory...mind you my memory is slipping, 
did i mention that i'm 36?   

June 27, 2008

a girl and her orange

this is a conversation i overheard yesterday as maya followed me around wanting an orange cut...

maya:  what's that orange?  
orange:  i want to be cut..
maya:  you want to be cut?
orange: yes, please.
maya:  okay i'll tell my mom and she will cut you for me.
orange:  oh thank you maya you are so sweet!
maya:  no problem orange.

dialogue on the part of the orange has been improvised because being the adult that i am, i couldn't actually hear the orange saying these things.  this whole conversation took place with the orange placed up to maya's head so they could just whisper these things and no-one else could hear, they were good buddies apparently. 

June 26, 2008


I HATE SUMMER!  i am not a hot weather kind of gal.  i adore fall, i love spring, and i even love winter.  but i HATE summer!  there are sooo many projects that got put on hold to go to the show and now it is so hot out there i don't want to go out and do them. so if you drive past my house and you notice the weeds and my porch not being decorated all cute and it looks as though it has been abandoned you will know why.  i just needed to get that off my chest....whew thanks.

June 20, 2008


okay i have a quick confession...i'm not proud that i spent the last 1 1/2 hours doing this but i have to tell you...i totally went to see the love guru and laughed my butt off!  it's been a trying week with the girls and i needed some totally senseless entertainment and it fit the bill perfectly!!!  this is only good for people who loved austin powers movies....sad to say i love those movies.  thanks for letting me get it off my chest...i feel better now.

June 18, 2008

mady girl...

i don't know how many of you out there have girls...i have three.  my oldest is 16 and her name is mady.  mady was my only girl for 11 years....we went through months and months of dave working out of town and years of nights and saturdays with him at school together.  during this time mady and i have grown to have a pretty good relationship as mother & daughter.  we are friends with a healthy dose of me still being the parent.  dave, being the strict disciplinarian that he is, has also caused me to become kind of the advocate that works on mady's behalf sometimes to get him to soften a bit on the rules now and then (he hates it when i do this and it causes much strife in the home but what are moms for?).  i hate having to be the cool one, it's a rough job sometimes :) and sometimes i am so not the cool one...it's usually right about the middle of every month.  so for that one week dave gets to be the advocate and cool one.  i'm completely rambling and losing sight of what i wanted to say so let me just say this:  i love my girl...i love that she and i have a good enough relationship that she can tell me about stupid boys & all of the teenage drama that goes on with her friends...i love that we can sit at the computer for an hour and laugh hysterically while we read 'the pioneer woman' together....i love that we can totally dance crazily while we listen to the music we've downloaded from itunes and both love...i love that i have this amazing daughter!  she really is an amazing girl in so many ways.  so i guess this little post is a couple of things...a tribute to the awesome relationship that i get to have with this girl and a way to say thanks to mady for 16 years of the fabulousness that she brings to my life.  

new products...

hello everyone...just wanted to let you know that there are a few new products on mady sunshine...

June 16, 2008


this is my hubby...dave.  
(dave had a job that required this facial hair until last week and now it's gone but this is the picture i had to use plus i secretly love the bad boy look and am kind of sad it's gone...i actually am going to miss the earrings a little.:))
i know that i am a day late but i still want him to know these things.  yesterday we spent a fun day getting up at 5am to go fishing, napping when we got home, and then a barbecue with the fam.  it was a great day!  it was the kind of day that dave likes.  simple, outdoors and with the family.  so here is my little tribute to my sweetheart.
1.  i love that he loves his family so much...not just us but the whole fam dam.
2.  i love that he is a dad by pure choice.
3.  i love that he has a strong desire to make a difference in this world for the good.
3.  i love that i have a husband who is committed to us.
4.  i love that he can make us laugh hysterically.
5.  i love that he is a hard worker and i can count on him to get things done.
6.  i love that he cleans the house.
7.  i love that he takes us camping and fishing and hunting.
8.  i love that even though he can be a bear about it he supports me in almost all the crazy     things i come up with.
9.  i love that he is willing to go without all of the icing on the big cake of life so that i can be home with our kids.
10.  i love dave and all the stuff that makes him him.

June 12, 2008

the trip...

we started our little trip off at mollie's cafe in snowville, utah...down home cookin to get us off to a good start!  this is where we found out that not only did brandie not know who john wayne was (don't they teach that in school? hello he's a part of american history, right?) ...notice the clocks above, you know there was a john wayne clock...but she had also never had biscuits and gravy.  we were then on a quest to find the best ones for her to try.
this is what the girls did all the way to mccall idaho where we finally woke 
them up to feed them...
if you have never driven to mccall then i highly recommend it.  after you get through boise (sorry people before boise but the real beauty starts after your fair town)
holy cow!  it is so beautiful and green and lush...it made me realize that there really is a god and he loves us a lot to make such beauty for us to enjoy!!!  dave and i have decided that once we get mady out of high school we are movin to idaho!!!  seriously it was that pretty.  
that was a loonngg day on the road and then we finally made it to moscow.  (idaho not russia)

well, we found the perfect biscuits and gravy at the breakfast club in moscow...give em a try if you're ever there.

isn't this so beautiful?  this little corner of washington is one of my favorite places.  we have been there when it's green and been there when it's brown and it's always beautiful!

i love old barns and outbuildings and this is one of my faves...
dave and i stopped here two years ago when we were there and
 got pictures so we had to do it again!  the view is amazing.
we're almost to spokane at this point and my stomach was in butterfly knots!  

yay! we made it...the farm chicks mecca.  we went straight to work and set up the booth.

all set up and ready to go....
we have this fave place to eat in spokane...i know it seems like we are doing an awful lot of eating...it's pretty much all there was to do because we were driving and then we were at the show and then it rained the whole time we were gone!  so anyway, it is called the steam plant and it's in the old spokane steam plant that made the steam that heated the city.  there are these ginormous (yes that's a word, ask mady) stacks and when you stand in the middle of the stack it sounds like you are talking into a microphone because it is perfectly round.  dave knows all of the logistics of the thing and it sounds right when he says it.  

the first picture was a view from inside the stacks and 
this was the view out of our window at the davenport. it's a pretty cool place.

here's the crew working hard in the booth on day 1...there were people waiting in line at the front door in the pouring rain for 45 minutes to get into the show.  it was amazing!  there were literally wall to wall people.  some serious shopping was happening.  luckily a little of that was in our booth.:)  there were some of the coolest antiques that i have seen at this show.  everyone had brought out their best finds and it was great!  dave was there so only a few small things came home with me.  my very favorite is my little cooler.  here i'll show you.

isn't it just cute?  it's in primo condition and actually still has a seal.  it rocks! 
 thanks dave...the sweetheart bought it for my birthday.
i also got this awesome shopping cart but forgot to take a pic...i'll post one later.
i don't know why but i really didn't take a lot of pictures of the booths...one of those after thought things...sorry.  i'll show you what i did take pics of.

this awesome tree was completely wrapped in fabric...welcome to the show!
my mom, thanks mom, made these sooo cute aprons for the girls.  i didn't get a picture of mine but i could have sold about 35 of them.  i was getting propositioned every time i turned around...oh for the apron, people.

this little pay booth made me smile.  it's all the things that you want to say to people at shows when you are taking money from them.  the girls in this booth are soo fun.  they all dress cool with the cowboy  boots and funky skirts and she makes amazing things.  i wanted to take pictures but i know how bad i hate it when people take pictures at my stuff and so i didn't want to offend.  she had the coolest shower curtains made out of vintage materials ever!  i wish you all could have been there to see.

this was my absolute favorite booth in the entire show.  this little car is sooo cute.  the sweet lady who owned it said that her son took his prom date in it...mady and brandie both agreed that would be a pretty cool thing.  i was lucky enough to go stop by their store in couer d'alene on our way home.  such good stuff! 
there were hundreds of other good booths.  everyone was so sweet and nice.
i actually got to meet one of the sisters on the fly.

who was just a fun little lady....and who shared 'miss montana' with me.  she took me for the grand tour and i took lots and lots of pictures.  this is totally one of my other dreams.  i know that some of you are laughing but i want one of these little beauties to call my own.  it would be sooo fun to fix up and hook up to my old cherry red pickup, which i will someday have, and travel a little.  so here are more pics inside of 'miss montana'.

isn't she just the cutest?  loovvee it!

so that was it for the show...we sold quite a bit, enough to pay for the trip which is exactly what i wanted it to do.  i can say that i have done the farm chicks show successfully.  i got to go back to washington, the state that i love.  i saw some of god's country...that was amazing.  we had good times and hopefully lots of great memories.  met some sweet and talented ladies.  all in all greatly successful.  there are lots more pictures but holy cow this has taken a long time to do.  i need to do something productive!  i will show you one last pic though of what we woke up to on wednesday morning in butte, montana.

yes, my friends, that is snow.  god bless the people of butte...i think they must be of hardy stock to live somewhere it snows in the middle of june.
well, it's over.  now i can get back to my life.  it's always a little bittersweet when you realize a dream.  it's over but now i can focus on the more important things in life. thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your support and encouragement.  it's meant so much to me.

June 11, 2008

i'm off to get the girls

i'm dying to share all of the grand experience with everyone...i have lots of great pictures!  right now though i'm dying more to see my two little ones so i am off to vernal.  there's nothing like 9 hours in a car in one day to make you smile, eh?  so, when i get home i'll be posting lots of pictures.  see ya on friday!

June 4, 2008

i'm off to live my dream....

these beautifully pedicured feet are the ones that will be walking their way out the door in the mornin at 4am on their way to...

you know how people have dreams to be the ceo of their company (oh yeah I am!), or earn their phD  (also a dream of mine), to fly to the moon or climb a mountain or maybe be a big movie star?  well, tomorrow i get to embark on the journey to realize one of my big dreams...being a vendor at 'the farm chicks' show.  wow.  all of the work and worry of the last few months has landed us to this day.  this is the quote that i like to think of when i think about what we are doing.

so family, friends, and perfect strangers who read my ramblings please pray for me...pray for 
us to kick some butt at the show!  pray that the mady sunshine family's courage will bring them lots and lots of happy memories and tons of success....don't worry though, even if i don't make one red cent i still will have lived a dream.  i guess when you think about it that's the best accomplishment there could be.
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