June 20, 2008


okay i have a quick confession...i'm not proud that i spent the last 1 1/2 hours doing this but i have to tell you...i totally went to see the love guru and laughed my butt off!  it's been a trying week with the girls and i needed some totally senseless entertainment and it fit the bill perfectly!!!  this is only good for people who loved austin powers movies....sad to say i love those movies.  thanks for letting me get it off my chest...i feel better now.


Tanya said...

oh man, marci, i want to see that. i should've went with you! how's dave new job?

Callie said...

Sweet! good to hear! I am excited to see it.

Giabella Designs said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog. The whole family loved Get Smart. We are NOT the critic type of family, we laughed a lot and that made it a "thumbs up" for us!

I also want to see:
The Love Guru
Journey to the Center of the Earth

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