June 16, 2008


this is my hubby...dave.  
(dave had a job that required this facial hair until last week and now it's gone but this is the picture i had to use plus i secretly love the bad boy look and am kind of sad it's gone...i actually am going to miss the earrings a little.:))
i know that i am a day late but i still want him to know these things.  yesterday we spent a fun day getting up at 5am to go fishing, napping when we got home, and then a barbecue with the fam.  it was a great day!  it was the kind of day that dave likes.  simple, outdoors and with the family.  so here is my little tribute to my sweetheart.
1.  i love that he loves his family so much...not just us but the whole fam dam.
2.  i love that he is a dad by pure choice.
3.  i love that he has a strong desire to make a difference in this world for the good.
3.  i love that i have a husband who is committed to us.
4.  i love that he can make us laugh hysterically.
5.  i love that he is a hard worker and i can count on him to get things done.
6.  i love that he cleans the house.
7.  i love that he takes us camping and fishing and hunting.
8.  i love that even though he can be a bear about it he supports me in almost all the crazy     things i come up with.
9.  i love that he is willing to go without all of the icing on the big cake of life so that i can be home with our kids.
10.  i love dave and all the stuff that makes him him.


haley said...

can't wait to see the baby face!!!! we love you too dave! hunter thinks maya's dad is the coolest!

marci said...

funny thing is...mady says he looks scarier without the beard.

Britny Hill said...

You have a wonderful husband!! He is a magnificent man and I'm so proud to have him as a brother! (and of course, you as a sis!!) love ya!

Mel said...

aaah marci. getting sappy on me? you've been w/ haley too much! good to hear a bit more about our rough tough dave. hope he had a great father's day.

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