June 27, 2008

a girl and her orange

this is a conversation i overheard yesterday as maya followed me around wanting an orange cut...

maya:  what's that orange?  
orange:  i want to be cut..
maya:  you want to be cut?
orange: yes, please.
maya:  okay i'll tell my mom and she will cut you for me.
orange:  oh thank you maya you are so sweet!
maya:  no problem orange.

dialogue on the part of the orange has been improvised because being the adult that i am, i couldn't actually hear the orange saying these things.  this whole conversation took place with the orange placed up to maya's head so they could just whisper these things and no-one else could hear, they were good buddies apparently. 


Tanya said...

what a doll...i love that girl. i love all your girls. they are so cute! yes, mady, you are cute! i love your background!

Gretchen said...

i can totally picture maya talking to an orange! o man that makes me giggle :)

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