June 11, 2008

i'm off to get the girls

i'm dying to share all of the grand experience with everyone...i have lots of great pictures!  right now though i'm dying more to see my two little ones so i am off to vernal.  there's nothing like 9 hours in a car in one day to make you smile, eh?  so, when i get home i'll be posting lots of pictures.  see ya on friday!


Tanya said...

i thought i saw you drive down the street...i should've stopped you! can't wait to see!!!

don and jacki said...

i can't wait ot see your pictures. lets do lunch one day. it would be fun to get together and have a picnic one friday, but for me it will have to be in july.
call me.

Tanya said...

hey marci...i am getting antsy...i want to know how things went and i want to see your pics! hurry home! or are you home now?

Melissa said...

Howdy Farm Chick neighbor. I just wanted to leave a quick hello and see if you all got home okay. It was really nice meeting you and I hope the show was a success for you.


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