July 29, 2008

check out these cute little hunnies!  just go to my friend vanessa's etsy store at 2 pm on wednesday the 30th and they will be there waiting for you!  hurry and go right now so that you can get the best selection...go... hurry... now!

July 22, 2008

country sampler ad

yay!  our ad just came out in 'country sampler'!  i am so excited...hopefully we will get lots and lots of sales from it.  if not then i guess i'm in a magazine (even though i had to pay to get there)LOL.  keep your fingers crossed for us and check it out.  it's on page 179 of the new august/september 'country sampler'.  i'm not sure if it's out in the stores yet, i just got mine in the mail so keep checking.:):)

**country sampler has not hit the newstands yet.  only the subscribers got it in the mail already.   i think it should be out sometime next week.;)

July 19, 2008


well i just got home from the quilt store...i love the quilt store.  i love how all those colors and patterns and textures can instantly renew my mind.  thank goodness for fabric!

July 17, 2008

snow day

the most amazing thing happened on wednesday morning!
we woke up to 4 feet of snow outside...can you believe it?  dave and i decided what a perfect day to have a snow day.  so we all dressed in our most warm, comfy clothes and slipped in a christmas cd.  dave made cottage cheese pancakes while maya and i cut out paper snowflakes.  after we ate breakfast we all snuggled in and watched 'the santa claus', one of our favorite christmas movies.  that's pretty much what we did all day...watched christmas movies, played games, listened to christmas music and ate good food.  it was awesome!  then, when we woke up this morning we were surprised to see that all that snow had melted and it was hot and sunny again...amazing!


cottage cheese pancakes
1 cup cottage cheese
4 eggs
6 Tbsp flour
6 Tbsp melted butter
pinch of salt

beat eggs thoroughly; stir into cheese.  mix well.  beat remaining ingredients.  drop by tablespoon onto hot griddle.  cook until golden brown.  serve with butter and jam or syrup, great with fresh fruit!  serves 2-4...we always double the recipe and if there are any left over they are great the next morning warmed up.:)

July 15, 2008

live simply

if you are a feminist in any way this post is not for you...kindly exit the blog or scroll down to something else...thank you!
whew now i can be as traditionalist as i want to be!  i'm reading 'anne of green gables'....probably my favorite book of all time.  my mom and i read the 'anne' series for the first time when i was about 9....i still have the original, it has a lot of wear and tear and  prince edward island is one of my dream vacations.:)  as i was laying there last night reading i was daydreaming a little of my own about how great it would be to live in that book.  all of the fields and trees and beauty everywhere.  i love flora and fauna, it makes me feel just like it makes anne feel...all warm inside. but the thing i love the most about those books, now that i'm a grown-up, is the simplicity of it all.  you worked hard to make your home.  all of  the things that i wish i had the time and patience to do.  it was ok to be a mom and a homemaker, what else was there to do? you didn't feel like the only way to contribute to your family was with cash. you grew everything that your family ate and canned and cooked it.  they also have tea time at green gables, i've always wanted to go to tea.  their children were respectful and innocent.  what 11 yr old do you know today that would be delighted in the prospect of spending the day running around the countryside imagining things in a dress half way down her legs?  heellloo?  no cell phones...pllleeeaassee!  there was no dance, cheer,baseball, football, soccer, play groups, suburbans...no suburbans, no taxi service to the 1,000 activities that we run all over creation for.   you could send the kids outside and you could trust that no perv was going to snatch them up and do bad things.  they could run around all day long and be safe while you cleaned house and made food.  they weren't in and out of your glass (i know, what was i thinking?) back door approximately 9,000 times a day driving you crazy all the while covering it with slobber and hand goo.  i guess what i am saying is this:  i want to live in avonlea in the early 1900's.  i want kids that are sweet, innocent, polite, and listen when i say something.  i want the only things that matter to be these; family, homemaking, gardening, and god.  i know, i know, life would be soo much harder...i don't agree, i think it would be so much simpler.  simpler is better.  i am really dying for some simpler right now!

July 13, 2008


isn't sisterhood an amazing thing?  my two sisters took me to lunch friday for my b-day which was a couple of weeks ago.  we do this for each of our birthdays...it's kind of our tradition.  i love my sisters.  my sisters have been many things for me over the years, mother figures, friends, confidantes, baby sitters, sanity givers and most of all teachers.  they have taught me all sorts of things...patience, love, craftiness, the meaning of responsibility, how to be a mother and wife, respect, how to burp really loud (thanks ginny LOL).  you know, all of the important things in life.  they have been with me through the good, the bad, and the ugly...giving birth can't be much uglier and gin drove all the way from slc on christmas eve to go through that with me.  thank you again for that, that was one scary night and you made it so much better :).  jacki has given me shelter many nights and made sure that i always knew i had somewhere to go.  i could go on and on and on about how wonderful my sisters are but i won't gush anymore.  i just hope that you both know how much i love and appreciate all that you have been and will be in my life and my girls' lives.  you both are women that i admire immensely and i am so proud to be your little sister.  

July 8, 2008

seriously, so blessed...

-kay everyone needs to go check this blog out immediately!!!  it is the FUNNIEST thing i have read ever!  it is a guy blogging as a girl and holy cow  you are going to laugh your butts off!

a little somethin...

to use a phrase that maya loves to use, oh yeah baby! i had to share the projects that dave and i worked on over 4th of july weekend. first of all, i don't know if ya'll remember this shelf...
but it got paired up with a sweet little $5 garage sale find to make this!
isn't that just the coolest shelf ever? i am soooo excited about this little puppy. who knew that it was so hard to take a piece of crap shelf then paint it white and pretty and then sand and stain it all up so that it looks all dirty and used again? oh the mind of a junk lover.
then we FINALLY got this shelf hung...
we traded this

for the shelf and clock at the dickens festival in DECEMBER! to give us a little credit, we didn't finish the room that it's in until the first of january. it also had like this nasty fake brick stuff goin on it that had to be changed out to beadboard but STILL! it's awesome though, huh? and i love what that clock says. we have a problem livin that saying sometimes in our house so i thought that it would be a nice reminder everyday. am i a mom or what?
anyways dave is yellin at me so i better go...i just wanted to share.

July 7, 2008


my little niece, callie is getting married to her best friend....i love that!  i know most of you know the story but my brothers and sisters are all a lot older than me so my older nieces and nephews have been more like my little brothers and sisters.  callie's dad lived with us for a few years after his divorce, so the weekend visits took place at our house.  callie was just a sassy little kid back then.  she was SASSY!  she had that little dodge fireball inside of her and she was cute as heck.  now she's all grown up.  beautiful, sweet, and in love...awww!  i am so darn excited for her because her husband-to-be seems like such a sweetheart and there is no-one that deserves it more.  congratulations you two!!  

July 5, 2008

happy birthday miss peyton

two years ago today a beautiful baby girl was born.  23 days later we got a call telling us that she had been born.  2 weeks later i got to hold her for the first time.  2 weeks after that she finally got to come home.  that was the longest 4 weeks of my life!  thank goodness that now we get to keep her forever and ever.  she is the cutest little bug there is...her smile makes my heart smile and she is just a funny little girl.  she'll talk your leg off but doesn't make a bit of sense.  she's just a sweetheart!  happy birthday peytie!!
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