July 15, 2008

live simply

if you are a feminist in any way this post is not for you...kindly exit the blog or scroll down to something else...thank you!
whew now i can be as traditionalist as i want to be!  i'm reading 'anne of green gables'....probably my favorite book of all time.  my mom and i read the 'anne' series for the first time when i was about 9....i still have the original, it has a lot of wear and tear and  prince edward island is one of my dream vacations.:)  as i was laying there last night reading i was daydreaming a little of my own about how great it would be to live in that book.  all of the fields and trees and beauty everywhere.  i love flora and fauna, it makes me feel just like it makes anne feel...all warm inside. but the thing i love the most about those books, now that i'm a grown-up, is the simplicity of it all.  you worked hard to make your home.  all of  the things that i wish i had the time and patience to do.  it was ok to be a mom and a homemaker, what else was there to do? you didn't feel like the only way to contribute to your family was with cash. you grew everything that your family ate and canned and cooked it.  they also have tea time at green gables, i've always wanted to go to tea.  their children were respectful and innocent.  what 11 yr old do you know today that would be delighted in the prospect of spending the day running around the countryside imagining things in a dress half way down her legs?  heellloo?  no cell phones...pllleeeaassee!  there was no dance, cheer,baseball, football, soccer, play groups, suburbans...no suburbans, no taxi service to the 1,000 activities that we run all over creation for.   you could send the kids outside and you could trust that no perv was going to snatch them up and do bad things.  they could run around all day long and be safe while you cleaned house and made food.  they weren't in and out of your glass (i know, what was i thinking?) back door approximately 9,000 times a day driving you crazy all the while covering it with slobber and hand goo.  i guess what i am saying is this:  i want to live in avonlea in the early 1900's.  i want kids that are sweet, innocent, polite, and listen when i say something.  i want the only things that matter to be these; family, homemaking, gardening, and god.  i know, i know, life would be soo much harder...i don't agree, i think it would be so much simpler.  simpler is better.  i am really dying for some simpler right now!


Adam and Kristina said...

I actually think you can still be a feminist and want this kind of life. You can still be for women's equality and rights, and yet still want a simple kind of lifestyle and stay at home and contribute in other ways.

Oh, and I don't love The Hills, I'm just a little obsessed with it. You can most definitely still be my friend. :)

haley said...

mars, i totally with you on this one!!!!

Mel said...

So I don't have a back door, but I have a front side window next to the front foor that always has inside hand marks & outside nose marks. On Saturday I gave Siona the Windex & set her to work. Miraculously it has remained clean & it's Tuesday. She took great pride in her little project.

So that doesn't have too much to do with your post, but I would go for the laid back life style. But can't even imagine home much work those ladies had - washing by hand, cooking everything from scratch, no BLOGS - lol. I guess we win some & loose some.

Hope that doesn't damper your dreaming.

Btw, I have Thursday off & am taking Siona swimming @ Legacy Center probably around 2 if you'd like to join us.

Tanya said...

ok...this is so weird. i have felt this way for some time...quite some time, but i have never been able to explain it! you completely put into words how i feel. i have never read those books, because i just don't read, but i want to be there too! i know it would be hard, but simple like you said. I am so with you marci!

Tanya said...

oh, and i think we should have tea! i would love it!

Mindy said...

You already know how I feel about the Anne books... I loved your post!

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