July 5, 2008

happy birthday miss peyton

two years ago today a beautiful baby girl was born.  23 days later we got a call telling us that she had been born.  2 weeks later i got to hold her for the first time.  2 weeks after that she finally got to come home.  that was the longest 4 weeks of my life!  thank goodness that now we get to keep her forever and ever.  she is the cutest little bug there is...her smile makes my heart smile and she is just a funny little girl.  she'll talk your leg off but doesn't make a bit of sense.  she's just a sweetheart!  happy birthday peytie!!


Tanya said...

i love that pic! she is adorable..and i have a hard time believing she will talk your leg off. i can't get her to say a word :) she doesn't have to say a word though...she is too cute! happy bday cutie!

hey marci...who is going to the retreat in sept. and have you heard any more about it?

Rachel H. said...

What a special little gal! She is truly beautiful!

Mindy said...

Cute picture! I bet those 4 weeks seemed like forever!!! I'd love to hear your whole story someday.

Charlotte said...

Special Happy Birthday to Miss Peyton!!!!!!

Marci..I have missed our conversations...much has happened...I am going to Texas the 9th:)To meet Robert 1, Jesse 4 the 13th, and Heather who is 16...the grands have changed a bit:)

Mel said...

Happy Birthday Peyton. We love getting together with you at Haley's. Siona thinks you are the next best thing to Auntie's homemade bread. Hope you had a great day!

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