July 13, 2008


isn't sisterhood an amazing thing?  my two sisters took me to lunch friday for my b-day which was a couple of weeks ago.  we do this for each of our birthdays...it's kind of our tradition.  i love my sisters.  my sisters have been many things for me over the years, mother figures, friends, confidantes, baby sitters, sanity givers and most of all teachers.  they have taught me all sorts of things...patience, love, craftiness, the meaning of responsibility, how to be a mother and wife, respect, how to burp really loud (thanks ginny LOL).  you know, all of the important things in life.  they have been with me through the good, the bad, and the ugly...giving birth can't be much uglier and gin drove all the way from slc on christmas eve to go through that with me.  thank you again for that, that was one scary night and you made it so much better :).  jacki has given me shelter many nights and made sure that i always knew i had somewhere to go.  i could go on and on and on about how wonderful my sisters are but i won't gush anymore.  i just hope that you both know how much i love and appreciate all that you have been and will be in my life and my girls' lives.  you both are women that i admire immensely and i am so proud to be your little sister.  


Adam and Kristina said...

Wow, I guess I only have 6 good years before the alzheimers sets in!

I'm an older sister. I need to show my sister this post so she can get a move on writing one herself.

Tanya said...

how awesome! i love traditions like that. we do the same thing, and yes sisters are great! i didn't know it was your bday...you will be receiving a special little something soon! when is your bday?

don and jacki said...

marc- you've always held a special place in our hearts, and always will. as always, it was fun to do lunch, but we need to do it more often! love ya sis~ and hoope you had a great bday!!

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sorry I'm so late.

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