July 17, 2008

snow day

the most amazing thing happened on wednesday morning!
we woke up to 4 feet of snow outside...can you believe it?  dave and i decided what a perfect day to have a snow day.  so we all dressed in our most warm, comfy clothes and slipped in a christmas cd.  dave made cottage cheese pancakes while maya and i cut out paper snowflakes.  after we ate breakfast we all snuggled in and watched 'the santa claus', one of our favorite christmas movies.  that's pretty much what we did all day...watched christmas movies, played games, listened to christmas music and ate good food.  it was awesome!  then, when we woke up this morning we were surprised to see that all that snow had melted and it was hot and sunny again...amazing!


cottage cheese pancakes
1 cup cottage cheese
4 eggs
6 Tbsp flour
6 Tbsp melted butter
pinch of salt

beat eggs thoroughly; stir into cheese.  mix well.  beat remaining ingredients.  drop by tablespoon onto hot griddle.  cook until golden brown.  serve with butter and jam or syrup, great with fresh fruit!  serves 2-4...we always double the recipe and if there are any left over they are great the next morning warmed up.:)


Adam and Kristina said...

Marci, where in the world do you live? That's crazy! And the pancakes sound interesting. I've never thought of making pancakes out of cottage cheese.

haley said...

you are so full of sh@# !!! but i still love you!

marci said...

i'm not full of sh@! it's called imagination miss haley!

Adam and Kristina said...

Marci, your secret is safe with me, although, it looks like it's already out. :)

Tanya said...

i'm with you haley..because i live just a couple of houses up and i didn't have any snow! :0) how fun...you're great!

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