August 11, 2008

fallow field days

september 2009 my niece haley and i are hosting the first annual fallow field farm days at my house in my backyard. we are looking for vendors who would like to participate. we are hoping to get local crafters who want to get their name out and build their businesses. all vendors will be spotlighted on the blog and we will want to get as much out there about the participants as we can. all goods MUST be handmade. we are trying to keep the vendor fees under $50 and 100% of the fees will go towards advertising. if you are willing to spend the day in your booth then there won't be any percentage taken. if you want us to sell your products then there may be a small percentage so that we can cover man power and taxes. we are hoping for a good turn out but there are no guarantees as it will be our first year. i think a lot of our business will come from word of mouth. if you are interested or know anyone who might be then please email me or haley. (you can get her info off of her blog.) we are going to try very hard to make sure that products are not duplicated. we are going to be very selective about the products that we do choose so that we can guarantee our customers a good selection of things that are not found at every other show.


Adam and Kristina said...

Sounds like a great idea! Can reading articles from US Weekly be my booth? ;)

Adam and Kristina said...

Marci, I wanted to email you about your adoption comment, but you don't have your email on your profile.

And I would love to hang out all day, stuffing my face. Make sure to have a funnel cake booth!

Tanya said...

hey i just posted about this on aprongirls..i didn't know you had posted it here check there k?

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