August 20, 2008

my mom

harvest time always brings up wonderful memories of my mom.  my mom is a fabulous cook...there really are none that are better.  she can turn even the most humble potato and a few peas into one of the most delectable, simple dishes there are, creamed peas and potatoes.  i saw a zucchini last night and it brought to mind yummy fried zucchini that i can't possibly make like my mom.  but the thing that this time of year brings to mind is canning.  she is a little older and grew up in a time where you canned the fresh vegetables and fruits that are bountiful this time of year.  i never had a green bean that wasn't fresh or home canned until i was older.  she canned everything.  one of my best memories is sitting in our kitchen pitting cherries so that she could can them for pie filling.  i remember sitting out on the deck shelling peas and popping the ends off of green beans.  i loved it.  i don't think i realized that until i became older.  i remember coming home from skiing and me and my cousin, brooke, eating a whole bottle of hot vegetables.  if you never have had them you are missing out on one of the best things in the world!  but no-one makes em like my mom.  pickles, apricots to be made into slushies during the cold winter months, all kinds of jam (which we still get for christmas, it's one of my favorite gifts we receive), syrup (plum & chokecherry), jellies, tomatoes, salsa, tomato juice, grapes for juice, even salmon and meat...just to name a few.  i am so thankful that i had a mom that taught me these things.  i haven't canned for a few years but i am so glad that i know how.  i am also very thankful that i have all of those memories.  so, thank you mom.  thank you for all of the love and work that you put into doing those things for your family.  you have taught us well and i love you for that.

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Adam and Kristina said...

The only thing I can is freezer jam. I'm sort of an inept homemaker.

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