August 10, 2008

there's no place like home

 as dorothy says in the 'wizard of oz' (my little girls have watched this movie 900 times in the past two weeks so i've got it on the brain)  there's no place like home!
bear lake is beautiful and we loved being there.  we would love to live there someday even; but home is where the heart is, and my heart is here on the little farm with the 3 beauties i call my girls.  we stayed at the lovely bluebird inn in fish haven, idaho.  it's such a beautiful old home with amazing gardens and it's so clean!  the motta's, who run the place, are just the nicest family and they serve yummy breakfasts.  plus we met some very nice people and got to spend some quiet (no tv) time together all alone.  they even have a hot tub and we watched a most wicked thunderstorm with lightning while we sat in it. was great.
raspberry days was not as financially productive as last year but we still had a great time and talked to lots of great people.  men are the funnest to watch...they sit outside the booth while the wife walks in and says, "oh honey, how cute is this?"...he will look at her, give her a little courtesy smile and say, "yeah that's cute hon" while he is desperately trying to look somewhat convincing.  or you just get some smart !@# who just gives her a rash of crap and moves on.  occasionally you actually get the guy who is looking and we had one sweet man who picked out the most romantic saying we have and bought it on the sly for his wife for  her birthday.  way to go ute man!  (he was beyond a huge ute fan) people watching is just the best at these shows.  we sit off to the side and it's almost as if people don't realize that we are really there...that leads to all kinds of stuff to see and hear.  i could go on about this for hours so i'll stop.
i did have that one moment at the show that no crafter wants to have happen.  i wasn't in the booth at the time but dave was and this is what went down.  a girl comes in and tells her friend that she has made this exact picture of my designs...dave says you did?...yes she says...he asks her how did you frame it?...exactly like this she says...hmmm....she goes outside of the booth where her friend proceeds to tell her that she should totally stitch 'her' stuff and sell it up there next year.  she didn't get too far and i think she realized just whose booth she had been in.  oh yeah...dang.  so, i can't think of any other way this would have happened, she got it off my web site and made herself a pattern.  who knows.  it's so frustrating to have people either question your prices, or do the whole i can totally make this myself thing. but to have someone actually steal the pattern and then maybe think they are going to bring your stuff up next year and compete for sales?  wow.  frustrating.  i use other people's patterns on a regular basis because i don't really draw a lot.  i do all of my own quotes usually and i do on occasion draw a picture or two.  i do get my ideas from other things i run in to...something i see or a certain fabric or what not.  there are few people in the world that are completely original i think.  but i'll tell you what...i ask permission from pattern makers, i don't sell their products when  i'm not supposed to, i  always try and give credit when credit is due, and i pay for patterns...lots and lots of patterns.  anyways i'm going to drop it and i'm really sorry for venting here in the blog but i needed a little venting.   i will leave on a happy note though.
bear lake is beautiful and is most definately a place you want to visit.  for the most part people are good and funny who are on vacation in bear lake. i love watching thunderstorms in the hot tub with my honey, and spending 30 hours in a park eating funnel cakes and watching people together.  and i  love my little home sweet home at the end of it all.


Tanya said...

hey marci! i am so glad that you had mostly a good time! i totally agree with you on the frustration! i run into my patterns a lot...i have even asked where they got the pattern before...and they have the guts to either "not remember" or "oh i stitched that myself" eluding that it's their pattern. that person i embarrassed i think, because i reminded her who's pattern it was. anyway....i agree with you. people can be so dishonest and so rude about it at the same time.
i'm glad you are home!
have you heard anything on the retreat? i might have a complication...and MIGHT not be able to go. i'll fill you in...

Cori Simmons said...

Great blog! It sounds like we have a distant connection, i.e., STARS, HayLeaves! It is such a small world. You have a darling family.

Adam and Kristina said...

Overall, it sounds like a fun time! I need a funnel cake now. Thanks. ;)

The Tolman Family said...


glad you are back. Sounds like you had a great time. Except for that dumb girl. HOW RUDE!!!! Keep doing what you do. You have MAJOR talent.

Luv ya

haley said...

i tried to talk the boys into stopping by to see your booth, but it was a no go!!!! i'll call you later!

Mindy said...

It's always good to be back home, isn't it? Your story of the horrible girl... actually kind of made me laugh. I hope she did realize it and feel really really stupid!

Rachel H. said...

HOW STINKY about that girl! What a bummer....I hope she realizes...and can at least be honest with herself.

Sounds like a wonderful time. REALLY, REALLY wonderful.

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