September 30, 2008

bloggity blog blog blog

well my girl is a bloggin...whattya know?  she's kind of a smart !@#...a real chip off the old block!:)

September 29, 2008


well the mighty vikes defeated timp...their biggest homecoming on friday.
 go big blue! so you know what that means, the big homecoming dance.  of course i had to share pictures of my girl before the dance.  she's the prettiest thing i've ever made so i have to show her off from time to time.  it's a mother's right really.  i have to tell you the thing that makes me most proud of her though.  for the 'day date'  the boys took them paint balling.  there were 4 girls and their dates.  2 of the girls wouldn't do it!  can you believe that?  luckily the 2 that did were mady and her good friend brei.  yay mady & brei!  way to be tough girls.  AND they whooped trash and didn't get hit once.   it's a proud day for me.:)  i didn't raise a wimpy girl.  yay me!  so here are the pics...

September 17, 2008


i'm going to talk a little bit about my mother-in-law, shanna.  she just had a birthday so i figured it was a good time to chat a little about her.  shanna is one of those know the type...meant to be a mom.  her whole entire life revolves around her 12, yes 12, children.  add to the mix 11 daughters/sons-in-law, and a bunch of grandkids.  she is an amazing lady!  she has more energy at 60ish than i have and i am far less then 60ish!!!  seriously, this lady never slows down.  dave's biological dad left when dave was about 10 and she raised 8 kids pretty much by herself.  she is one of my heroes.  not only did she raise these kids but she did a fabulous job.:) then she married a man (who is a sweetheart) that had 3 kids and then they had one together!! i know!!! she's giving and kind and sweet.  plus she has a GREAT smile!  one of those that you just love to see.  she takes a lot of grief from us and still has a great sense of humor about all of it.  we like to tease her because she lets us.  she's a great grandma and the kids love her.  so i just wanted to let you know what a great woman i have for a mil.  i've spent a long time as one of her 'kids' and i'm glad that i married her son so i could have her as part of my family.:) love you lady.

* i made this little apron for her and wanted to show it off a little cuz it's the first one i ever made.:)

September 16, 2008

September 15, 2008

miss you

dave just got back from being gone for a week.  i can tell you now because he's home, i'm a little paranoid about people knowing i'm alone.  so i thought i would share a conversation we had while he was gone.  i call right in the middle of training with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes...

me: i miss you so much
him:  i wish i had a tape recorder
me: why?
him:  so i could tape you saying that and play it back to you the next time you think i'm  being an @#$hole.
me:  i wish i could tape you the next time you're being an @#$hole and play it to myself while you were gone so i wouldn't miss you so much.
*laughter on both sides*
him: love you
me: love you too

i guess it all depends on the perspective, eh?

September 13, 2008

my maya girl...

how to explain miss maya....hmmm.  my maya is the sweetest little girl you could ever know.  she is chock full of love, kisses and hugs and constantly saying the sweetest things to me.  she can share and take care of other kids, especially her little sister.  then there is the other maya.  she comes out when things aren't going her way.  example:  she wants to stay at the park, she wants a lunchable at walmart, she doesn't want to go to bed, peyton has something that she doesn't want her to get the picture.  then this scary little wild animal comes out.

i think that she probably looks a little like the wild scary beast in the book 'where the wild things are'.  i'm not sure though.  the scary little wild animal comes out at the most inappropriate the middle of walmart,, at the zoo, at the park, at zupas at lunchtime, anywhere really...she's not picky about where she freaks out.  it's not so bad when dave is there to help, unfortunately he's not there most of the time when it happens.  my sister, ginny, is also very good at helping maya through these fits of craziness.  she can calm her down.  today the scary little wild animal came out at the park, and wouldn't go away!  she was there while we drove to 'harts' so that i could get the magic potion that helps me deal with the wildness. she was there the whole time we drove home, there was kicking and screaming and gnashing of teeth.  there may have even been some hitting and pulling hair on herself.  i try really hard while i'm driving to just pretend it isn't going on.  sometimes i am good at that and sometimes i'm not.  we came home and the little wild animal went to her cave and had a nice little nap.  while she was napping i decided the best way to remember why i love the little girl was to do something nice for her.  isn't that supposed to work?  i think it did.  when she woke up my maya girl was back...whew!  i made her this little dance bag and the whole time i thought of all the good things about maya.  there are so many after all. 

September 11, 2008

my little diva

little miss diva peyton had her 2 yr. dr. appt today...when i told the girls we were leaving to hurry and get ready this is what she came out with...jacket, purse & sunglasses.  the kid makes my heart smile, she is such a girly girl and we are not a house of girly girls.  i love it.

this is the pose...
i thought i would just share a little smile with you...if this doesn't make you smile you need a checkup because somethin ain't workin right.:)

September 10, 2008

i'm in a funk...

i don't know if funk is a real word but i think i've heard it used before. i'm in one of those places where i kind of have no ambition to do anything but there is so much i want to do and sooo much i need to do. do you guys have those times? what do you do to get through them? share, please...i need some help.

September 8, 2008

these are a few of my favorite things...

yummy chocolate soup...only the finest ingredients to be found in the backyard, made by the world-renowned chefs, maya & peyton.

maya's first lost tooth...

i got this awesome glass cookie jar from my had belonged to her mother-in-law, marge, who was the most exotic woman i've ever i've learned that she was eccentric but when i was young she was exotic.:)  anyway i thought she was awesome, they lived in a house on frat row in slc and that was also very cool to me....i'm rambling.  so i love this means a lot to me...and i love these vintage jello molds that i picked up at the most fabulous garage sale ever from a very cool lady who got me turned on to hammered aluminum which is also one of my fave things...rambling again, sorry.  so put the two together and you've got one of my favorite things in my whole house.:)

these little muscles are also one of my favorite things in my whole house...
i know that you all are in deep envy over my couch but please refrain from rushing here to steal them!!  they are definately one of a kind.  i call them makes me feel better.:)

antique windows that are done.
windows instead of plastic.

what happens when you leave your two little ones with their cheerleader big sister who takes them to a football game with her....does that just make you smile or what?  it does me.

well thank you dear friends and family for letting me share a few of my favorite things with you.

September 3, 2008


for all of you junk collector/refurbishers out there....isn't it amazing that we will spend 19 hours to make something old look new and then old again? we are in the process of redoing some old windows and uggghhh!

September 1, 2008

love this movie...

do you have those movies that you have watched a thousand times and yet you could watch them a thousand more?  this is one of those for me.  i watch it a couple of times a year and love it more each time.  meg ryan is her adorable self and tom hanks is charming and the scenery is beautiful and makes me want to go to new york even worse than i already do.  i wish that i could live in new york city for one whole year right where meg ryan lives in that movie....the upper west side of manhattan.  just one year.  one of my favorite movie lines of all times comes from this movie... i would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils...i love that line.  getting new school supplies each fall is one of the best times of the year...add to that the smell of newly sharpened pencils and wow...magic.  i would love to get a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils....really!  ok now you all think i'm a little kooky...sorry.  so, anyways, me and mady got the fall watching of the movie in tonight while we scrapbooked and i had to share....if you haven't seen it you have to watch it!

my very sweet niece, haley, (see contest below) brought me a bouquet of freshly sharpened sweet is that?  if i had a camera with batteries i would take a picture because it is very cute and it smells so good.:)

give away...

my super talented niece, haley, is having a great give-away this week.  you could win either a very cute tutu or very cute cape for your little man.  go and have a peek and enter to win!  
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