September 15, 2008

miss you

dave just got back from being gone for a week.  i can tell you now because he's home, i'm a little paranoid about people knowing i'm alone.  so i thought i would share a conversation we had while he was gone.  i call right in the middle of training with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes...

me: i miss you so much
him:  i wish i had a tape recorder
me: why?
him:  so i could tape you saying that and play it back to you the next time you think i'm  being an @#$hole.
me:  i wish i could tape you the next time you're being an @#$hole and play it to myself while you were gone so i wouldn't miss you so much.
*laughter on both sides*
him: love you
me: love you too

i guess it all depends on the perspective, eh?


Adam and Kristina said...

That's so sweet. I need to start calling Adam an #@%hole more.

Britny Hill said...

I love it! That totally made me laugh, and I needed one, thanks!

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