October 31, 2008


October 27, 2008

holy hell guess what i did today!

i drove a big freakin monster school bus!
all by myself, people...from fairfield to american fork...on the freeway and turning and through construction and across train tracks!!  i haven't been that petrified in a veerrryyy long time.  but now i've done it.:)  yay!  now i have to drive 16 hours with an instructor, thank heavens, before i can take the test.  i have a whole new respect for bus drivers, i'll tell ya.

October 25, 2008

holy smack...i got tagged again!

thanks mel...

1o things that bug me:

1. whiny kids
2. people who talk on their cell phones in their car and don't drive well
3. when dave is with me and he talks on his cell phone
4. cell phones period...i guess
5. people who don't take the very best care they can of their kids
6. the phone
7. dave when he's ocd
8. the dreaded 'what's for dinner' question
9. not being able to go to the bathroom without someone bugging me
10. when my house is a disaster

10 things that make me happy:

1. my family, when they are happy
2. a clean house
3. when i'm caught up on everything
4. fall
5. the holidays
6. watching my girls
7. a brand new fizzing pepsi from harts...ahhh
8. camping
9. gardening, when i'm all alone
10. hot baths

i tag....nikki, erin, gretchen, britny & rachel h.

tagged by jack...

i just found out i'd been tagged....i could've posted about that!

8 things i am passionate about:
1. big d
2. my girls
3. my home
4. antiques
5. family
6. gardening
7. my little business
8. creating things

8 words/phrases i use often:
1. i love you
2. see you soon
3. mady, will you watch the girls?
4. hurry up!
5. shit
6. i'll get off the computer in a minute dave.
7.  you're driving me crazy!
8. stop it!

8 things i want to do before i die:
1.  watch my kids grow up 
2.  watch their kids grow up
3.  go to europe
4.  go sea kayaking by the san juan islands when the killer whales are there
5.  see my girls all graduate from college
6.  graduate from college myself
7.  make many, many happy memories with my family
8.  have my house completely finished the way i want it including the yard

8 things i've learned in the past:
1. the past is the past
2. forgiveness is a beautiful thing
3. family is what it's all about
4. i am a strong person
5. take your mistakes and turn them into life lessons
6. true friends are hard to come by
7. not to be judgemental
8. i can accomplish most things if i just put forth the effort

8 things i currently want or need:
1. a good vacation with the family
2. followed by a good vacation with just dave
4. time
5. sleep
6. a digital camera of my very own
7. my kitchen done
8. an ipod

8 places i want to see or visit:
1. europe
2. africa
3. all 50 states
4. prince edward island, canada
5. scandinavia
6. ireland
7. scotland
8. the mediterranian

8 favorite restaurants:
1. olive garden
2. wingers
3. market street
4. spaghetti factory
5. famous dave's 
6. the little cafe place at mandalay bay
7. the roof at the joseph smith building 
8. the spinning restaurant at the top of the stratosphere in vegas

8 tv shows i like to watch:
1. the first 48
2. c.s.i~the original one
3. the starter wife
4. sopranos
5. criminal minds
6. what not to wear
7. hgtv
8. dexter

tag 8 people:
1. alan
2. haley
3. vanessa
4. mindy
5. tanya
6. glenda
7. felicia
8. mads

well i'm feelin the love people.:)  i'm in a bloggin slump.  what to write about.....

~i could write about how i started bus driving classes this week and they make me be there by 6am.  anyone who knows me knows that 5am is not my friend....but i have to get up then.  yuck.  i have this really spunky little teacher though and she keeps it hoppin.  i'll be driving within the week.  watch out world!

~or i could tell you about the deer hunt last weekend.  it was beautiful and cold and i loved spending time away with the fam in the mountains.  the girls had a ball and i got some good time chattin with the sisters in law & mil. we got to stand around the camp fire...one of my top fave things to do...yay!
here's a few pictures...

over the river and through the woods...
me and the manly man...
the neon orange and shell belt over the shoulder are the new trend for fall.  all of you should rush right out and buy both seeing how i am a fashionista. LOL LOL LOL
my girl and her dad...

~my niece, callie walked down the aisle yesterday and i could tell you all about how beautiful she was.  she was.  i could tell you about my family and how awesome it was to spend time with my brothers and sisters,  who i totally love.  i have this great family where we can go months, maybe even a year or two, between seeing each other and it feels like no time at all has passed. my brothers and sisters are the best.  i also got to see my little nieces and nephews totally dressed to the nines and they were all adorable.  oh and my older brother, affectionately titled 'cowboy uncle steve' because he is a HUGE cowboy was in a tux!  looovvveeed  it!

~i could talk about my husband and his severe ocd problem that he is having lately.  if he vacuums one more time i am calling an intervention.  

~or i could tell you how i tease him about a man crush i think he has on daughtry...even though he says that he just really just likes his music ALOT!  the funny thing is everytime i have gotten in his car since i got him the cd that's what he's playing.  i could talk about that but he threatened that if i blogged about that he would rip the damn computer off the wall and then divorce me. luckily i didn't blog about it, eh?  if any of you tell him that i did i will move me and my 3 crazy kids in with you so you better keep your snarky comments to yourself if you see him.  none of you want that happening!

~i just read a great book 'the secret life of bees'. my sister recommended it and we are going to see the movie next week.  if you haven't read it i would highly encourage it.  i'm not sure if queen latifah is old enough to play august but we'll soon see.  that's another thing i could blog about.

~i hula hooped on a wii last night after watching my sister and niece go to town on the thing.  i could probably give you a pretty good laugh blogging about 3 women faking hula hooping with gyrating hips and every once in a while leaning to the side to catch a fake thrown hoop...it was a funny sight for sure.

i could do a complete blog post on any one of those things up there...but how could  i choose just one?

October 24, 2008

well kristina told me i have to do a new post....hmmm...what to post about.  i'll have to think on that and get back to you.  right now i have a screaming baby who desperately needs a bed.:)

October 17, 2008


my blog bff, kristina, is running an interesting little post over there at pulsipher predilictions. it's not for everyone so if you are easily offended i wouldn't go check it out.  she's doing this thing where you can post a secret that you have never told anyone and it's all anonymous.  she has like 366 comments over there at last refresh.  the things that people are sharing are amazing to me.  it's like they can finally say it out loud, or online:), and no-one can judge them or talk about it or tell the whole world because you have no idea who said it.  it's cathartic.  people have shared things such as they pick their nose (i had no idea how many people do that!), sex secrets, marriage secrets, job related things, even how they secretly think they are hot.  the most amazing thing to me is that most of these women are mormon and they all have the same problems.  problems that you would in no way think that other mormon women are having.  it makes me kind of sad that we are so scared to let down our guard for fear of being judged by others that these are 'secrets' that we don't tell anyone.  i've even put a couple on there that i have never told anyone, even my sister, and i tell her everything!  i know that we are not all judgemental but don't you always look around you and think how perfect everyone else is and how lacking you are?  i know we all have our problems...blah, blah, blah but why can't we trust each other more instead of acting like everything is great all of the time?  ole pulsipher has made me think about all of these things.  way to go kristina!:)  so, go check it out...again some things are a little graphic so i warned you, don't say i didn't.

October 14, 2008


here's the deal...i am not a politically savvy kind of gal.  i know who i like and generally know why but as far as expressing these thoughts i'm not so good at that.  i'm not telling who i am voting for because i have no desire to debate my thoughts and choices with anyone.  so, you're wondering, why in the hell are you talking about this then?  i love this election.  i don't think i have ever, as an adult, seen so many people passionate about the presidential candidates.  i think it rocks!  i love that everyone is getting involved and educated about this decision.  we are at a crossroads right now in our country and everyone's vote counts.  on our little street we have the two main candidates represented with signs on lawns.  i love that!!  go little political people...it's so good to see passion.  it makes me feel so grateful that we are able to express ourselves and our opinions...even though i won't do it because i fear retribution from strangers.:)  i'm a wuss but i'm so glad that everyone isn't like me.  yay america!

October 13, 2008


dudes...i almost cried at the dmv...seriously i had to hold em back.  i am one of the biggest boobs in the universe so i cry at most things.;)  now on to the training and the big momma driving tests. 
yay for me!

October 12, 2008

a few of my favorite things

the first snow of the season...yay!  i love snow!

this lamp...i love this lamp.
i bought this little lamp at a great garage sale a couple of years ago and it's been waiting for a new lamp shade.  there has been a blank lamp shade with fabric waiting to go on it for a month.  i have an unfinishing problem and i finished it!!  so finishing that lamp shade is one of my favorite things today.:)

annoying the teenager...it's definately one of my favorite things to do.;)

these two little whippersnappers looking out the window with their binos at cattle as we drive down the road.  if you look really carefully you'll notice that the young one is looking through them backwards and will not let us fix that for her.  they make me smile; therefore they are one of my favorite things.

halloween decorations on my porch...i love my porch.  thanks dave.

did i mention snow?

hangin with these two ladies anytime, anywhere including the richfield di.

and last but not least...my friend, the bubble bath.  sometimes the thoughts of this is what gets me through the last hour the little rugrats are awake.  those parents who think that bedtime is the best time of the day with their kids are crazy.  by that time of the day my head feels like it will seriously explode if i hear one more whine or cry.  uggghhh!  so this nice warm bubble filled tub of water coupled with some cold pepsi and my new country living are my favorite thing at the end of a long, long, long, day.

October 9, 2008

new babies...

how beautiful is this baby girl...soo beautiful!
my niece mel is 3 yrs. younger than i am.  we had a rough start with each other...she stole my thunder when she was born and took away her mom & dad from me.  it took me a few years to overcome this tragedy in my life.  i wouldn't let her play with my barbies and i used to go to my room and not play with her if i came home from kindergarten and she just happened to be at our house.  i KNOW...what a brat i was.  i got over this in time and then she became more of a little sister to me.  we spent hours playing with her fisher price tree house and her sesame street little play thinger.  i spent lots of time at their house because her mom baby sat me.  i remember the night her baby sister, haley, was born and we went to see bambi and mel cried...she did that a lot when her mom wasn't around, come to think of it.  when i was in jr. high and high school both i lived with them for a little while and mel was my bunkmate.  she shared her room AND her bed with me.  nice girl.  she also made brownies which were very good, especially to someone who doesn't like to bake herself.:)  mel was also a smarty pants...even when we were young i admired her because she was so smart and good. then she went and served a mission which made me admire her more. now little melly is all grown up and has turned into one fine lady.  she married one of the nicest men i've ever met...thank goodness, because i couldn't handle it if she had married someone who was a twit.  they have a beautiful sassy little mama named siona...who acts very much like her mom...the sassy part. and then little isley was born on monday.  is she just gorgeous or what?  i'm saying yes.  i haven't got to see her yet.  i'm waiting till dave goes back to work this weekend so i can go see her and have all the time i want without an impatient man bugging me.  i can't wait to see her and smell and feel her little softness.  hmmmm i love the babies, especially when they are nieces and you don't have to take care of them in the middle of the night.:)  so there you are, i am once again a great aunt...hahaha...get it, GREAT aunt....pun totally intended.  thank you mel for all the years of being my little sister/niece and for giving me beautiful little great nieces.  you are an amazing woman and i admire you more and more all the time.

~haley...i totally stole this off of your blog...hope you don't care but it's such a beautiful picture!

October 8, 2008

handbag give-away

enter to win a free handbag here....handbag planet.

October 2, 2008

this makes everything ok...

so because my morning was a rough one my sweet husband, after 20 or so minutes of begging, agreed to take me to one of my favorite places in the world, strawberry.  and he took me to breakfast.  what a sweetie.  and on the way home he turned around to go past a house that i wanted to see, which was beautiful.  i KNOW, so much sweetness for one day.:)  
for those of you who don't know what strawberry is, first of all if you live in utah, you should  find this place because it's beautiful in any season.  strawberry is a peaceful, beautiful place in the mountains above heber.  there is a huge lake that i have spent many hours on and around fishing with dave and the oldest one.  the two little ones have been jipped when it comes to fishing.  i have also spent many happy days camping and 4-wheeling in the mountains surrounding this lake.  some of my best memories include this area.  so here is a picture of the mountains all golden with fall colors.

well every year round about this time the kokanee salmon from the lake start to swim up the little creek on the south side of the lake to spawn.  they turn this beautiful red color, lay their eggs, and then die and rot on the bottom of the creek to feed their eggs.  (i know it's not pretty people but it's the cycle of life.)  it's one of the coolest things to see and we try to go up every fall.  we were almost too late this year but there were still a few.

they're cool, huh?  well worth the drive. 

and, of course, i had to take a picture of the two little ones with dad.  and would it truly be a blog post if i didn't include it?  i think not.

i'm going to get a little serious here for a sec...
during fall i feel feelings that i don't feel at any other time of the year.  the colors and the beauty takes my breath away and i feel this great thankfulness to my heavenly father for the beauty that he surrounds me with.  i can't for one second think that he doesn't just love us so much...why else would he create a world that holds such beauty?

ok...i had to get it out.  go to strawberry if you can and witness all the wonders of the salmon dying and the fall colors and the cool, crisp air.  you won't regret it.  and thank you big d for turning my f day around.


ok for those of you who don't know...i am trying to get a job driving one of these

i know, i know...keep the sarcastic remarks to yourself please.  you know who you are that have them.  i don't want to hear it.  i had no idea how difficult it was going to be to pass the stupid cdl test.  there's a whole lot of STUFF about brakes and s/cam somethings and psi and all this crap that women were not meant to know about.  so i thought that i had studied and then i went to take the tests this morning.  there were 4 of them....i got a on all 4.  i haven't felt that rejected for a long, long time.  that was way worse than being the fat cheer mom who is totally out of style....that happened yesterday.  man it's been a rough week.
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