October 12, 2008

a few of my favorite things

the first snow of the season...yay!  i love snow!

this lamp...i love this lamp.
i bought this little lamp at a great garage sale a couple of years ago and it's been waiting for a new lamp shade.  there has been a blank lamp shade with fabric waiting to go on it for a month.  i have an unfinishing problem and i finished it!!  so finishing that lamp shade is one of my favorite things today.:)

annoying the teenager...it's definately one of my favorite things to do.;)

these two little whippersnappers looking out the window with their binos at cattle as we drive down the road.  if you look really carefully you'll notice that the young one is looking through them backwards and will not let us fix that for her.  they make me smile; therefore they are one of my favorite things.

halloween decorations on my porch...i love my porch.  thanks dave.

did i mention snow?

hangin with these two ladies anytime, anywhere including the richfield di.

and last but not least...my friend, the bubble bath.  sometimes the thoughts of this is what gets me through the last hour the little rugrats are awake.  those parents who think that bedtime is the best time of the day with their kids are crazy.  by that time of the day my head feels like it will seriously explode if i hear one more whine or cry.  uggghhh!  so this nice warm bubble filled tub of water coupled with some cold pepsi and my new country living are my favorite thing at the end of a long, long, long, day.


Kristina P. said...

I knew you covered that lamp shade! It's completely adorable.

haley said...

thanks... i love hanging with you too. i need to make a trip to the di today to find something to make MY scarecrow as cute as yours!!!! wanna come?

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