October 25, 2008

holy smack...i got tagged again!

thanks mel...

1o things that bug me:

1. whiny kids
2. people who talk on their cell phones in their car and don't drive well
3. when dave is with me and he talks on his cell phone
4. cell phones period...i guess
5. people who don't take the very best care they can of their kids
6. the phone
7. dave when he's ocd
8. the dreaded 'what's for dinner' question
9. not being able to go to the bathroom without someone bugging me
10. when my house is a disaster

10 things that make me happy:

1. my family, when they are happy
2. a clean house
3. when i'm caught up on everything
4. fall
5. the holidays
6. watching my girls
7. a brand new fizzing pepsi from harts...ahhh
8. camping
9. gardening, when i'm all alone
10. hot baths

i tag....nikki, erin, gretchen, britny & rachel h.

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