October 2, 2008


ok for those of you who don't know...i am trying to get a job driving one of these

i know, i know...keep the sarcastic remarks to yourself please.  you know who you are that have them.  i don't want to hear it.  i had no idea how difficult it was going to be to pass the stupid cdl test.  there's a whole lot of STUFF about brakes and s/cam somethings and psi and all this crap that women were not meant to know about.  so i thought that i had studied and then i went to take the tests this morning.  there were 4 of them....i got a on all 4.  i haven't felt that rejected for a long, long time.  that was way worse than being the fat cheer mom who is totally out of style....that happened yesterday.  man it's been a rough week.


Kristina P. said...

Oh, no! I'm so sorry. A school bus does seem very difficult to drive.

Mindy said...

I probably couldn't drive a school bus to save my life, so don't feel bad! Just for the sake of helping you feel better, I'll even admit that I had NO idea how to drive our riding lawn mower until THREE lessons from my sort-of-patient husband. And I think you're a gorgeous mom!

Torina said...

I am incapable of parallel parking or even backing up straight and I have a tiny Honda Civic. I can't even imagine how difficult a bus must be!! Better luck next time!!

Marci said...

thanks ladies...you made me feel a lot less dumb.

Callie said...

Marci! I am sure you are very capable of driving a school bus! Those things are big and it might take some studying and some practice but if you want this, You will achieve it!

I Believe in you!

Also you are the coolest cheer Mom I know!

Anonymous said...

haha dang...keep it up! now next time i fail a test and you ask me 'what the heck' ... think about it. tests are a pain in the bum bum..am i right? :) love you..maybe next time :)

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