October 14, 2008


here's the deal...i am not a politically savvy kind of gal.  i know who i like and generally know why but as far as expressing these thoughts i'm not so good at that.  i'm not telling who i am voting for because i have no desire to debate my thoughts and choices with anyone.  so, you're wondering, why in the hell are you talking about this then?  i love this election.  i don't think i have ever, as an adult, seen so many people passionate about the presidential candidates.  i think it rocks!  i love that everyone is getting involved and educated about this decision.  we are at a crossroads right now in our country and everyone's vote counts.  on our little street we have the two main candidates represented with signs on lawns.  i love that!!  go little political people...it's so good to see passion.  it makes me feel so grateful that we are able to express ourselves and our opinions...even though i won't do it because i fear retribution from strangers.:)  i'm a wuss but i'm so glad that everyone isn't like me.  yay america!


Kristina P. said...

I completely agree. I won't post about politics on my blog. I just won't go there. Heck, I still don't even know who I'm voting for.

P.S. I was in your neck of the woods again tonight, visiting "Husband and Wife." Stay tuned tomorrow for the post. It was lame.

Mindy said...

Marci, you wuss! ;)

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