October 17, 2008


my blog bff, kristina, is running an interesting little post over there at pulsipher predilictions. it's not for everyone so if you are easily offended i wouldn't go check it out.  she's doing this thing where you can post a secret that you have never told anyone and it's all anonymous.  she has like 366 comments over there at last refresh.  the things that people are sharing are amazing to me.  it's like they can finally say it out loud, or online:), and no-one can judge them or talk about it or tell the whole world because you have no idea who said it.  it's cathartic.  people have shared things such as they pick their nose (i had no idea how many people do that!), sex secrets, marriage secrets, job related things, even how they secretly think they are hot.  the most amazing thing to me is that most of these women are mormon and they all have the same problems.  problems that you would in no way think that other mormon women are having.  it makes me kind of sad that we are so scared to let down our guard for fear of being judged by others that these are 'secrets' that we don't tell anyone.  i've even put a couple on there that i have never told anyone, even my sister, and i tell her everything!  i know that we are not all judgemental but don't you always look around you and think how perfect everyone else is and how lacking you are?  i know we all have our problems...blah, blah, blah but why can't we trust each other more instead of acting like everything is great all of the time?  ole pulsipher has made me think about all of these things.  way to go kristina!:)  so, go check it out...again some things are a little graphic so i warned you, don't say i didn't.


Callie said...

i have a "coffee table" book called secrets. it's the same thing. I found stumbled upon it at a book store and fell in love with it. a man started having people send him post cards with their secret. he has a website also! i think it's a great thing.

Kristina P. said...

Marci, you couldn't possibly have any secrets! :) I should have been in bed an hour ago.

Instead, I just spent 45 minutes trying to answer that comment about the LDS church. I hope I did OK!

Kristina P. said...

I think it's time for a new post!

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