October 25, 2008

tagged by jack...

i just found out i'd been tagged....i could've posted about that!

8 things i am passionate about:
1. big d
2. my girls
3. my home
4. antiques
5. family
6. gardening
7. my little business
8. creating things

8 words/phrases i use often:
1. i love you
2. see you soon
3. mady, will you watch the girls?
4. hurry up!
5. shit
6. i'll get off the computer in a minute dave.
7.  you're driving me crazy!
8. stop it!

8 things i want to do before i die:
1.  watch my kids grow up 
2.  watch their kids grow up
3.  go to europe
4.  go sea kayaking by the san juan islands when the killer whales are there
5.  see my girls all graduate from college
6.  graduate from college myself
7.  make many, many happy memories with my family
8.  have my house completely finished the way i want it including the yard

8 things i've learned in the past:
1. the past is the past
2. forgiveness is a beautiful thing
3. family is what it's all about
4. i am a strong person
5. take your mistakes and turn them into life lessons
6. true friends are hard to come by
7. not to be judgemental
8. i can accomplish most things if i just put forth the effort

8 things i currently want or need:
1. a good vacation with the family
2. followed by a good vacation with just dave
4. time
5. sleep
6. a digital camera of my very own
7. my kitchen done
8. an ipod

8 places i want to see or visit:
1. europe
2. africa
3. all 50 states
4. prince edward island, canada
5. scandinavia
6. ireland
7. scotland
8. the mediterranian

8 favorite restaurants:
1. olive garden
2. wingers
3. market street
4. spaghetti factory
5. famous dave's 
6. the little cafe place at mandalay bay
7. the roof at the joseph smith building 
8. the spinning restaurant at the top of the stratosphere in vegas

8 tv shows i like to watch:
1. the first 48
2. c.s.i~the original one
3. the starter wife
4. sopranos
5. criminal minds
6. what not to wear
7. hgtv
8. dexter

tag 8 people:
1. alan
2. haley
3. vanessa
4. mindy
5. tanya
6. glenda
7. felicia
8. mads


Kristina P. said...

I really wish more Mormons would swear on their blogs. :)

Marci said...

i totally agree...you just know there are more potty mouths out there wanting to do it! maybe i'll start a swearing mormon revolution!

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