October 25, 2008

well i'm feelin the love people.:)  i'm in a bloggin slump.  what to write about.....

~i could write about how i started bus driving classes this week and they make me be there by 6am.  anyone who knows me knows that 5am is not my friend....but i have to get up then.  yuck.  i have this really spunky little teacher though and she keeps it hoppin.  i'll be driving within the week.  watch out world!

~or i could tell you about the deer hunt last weekend.  it was beautiful and cold and i loved spending time away with the fam in the mountains.  the girls had a ball and i got some good time chattin with the sisters in law & mil. we got to stand around the camp fire...one of my top fave things to do...yay!
here's a few pictures...

over the river and through the woods...
me and the manly man...
the neon orange and shell belt over the shoulder are the new trend for fall.  all of you should rush right out and buy both seeing how i am a fashionista. LOL LOL LOL
my girl and her dad...

~my niece, callie walked down the aisle yesterday and i could tell you all about how beautiful she was.  she was.  i could tell you about my family and how awesome it was to spend time with my brothers and sisters,  who i totally love.  i have this great family where we can go months, maybe even a year or two, between seeing each other and it feels like no time at all has passed. my brothers and sisters are the best.  i also got to see my little nieces and nephews totally dressed to the nines and they were all adorable.  oh and my older brother, affectionately titled 'cowboy uncle steve' because he is a HUGE cowboy was in a tux!  looovvveeed  it!

~i could talk about my husband and his severe ocd problem that he is having lately.  if he vacuums one more time i am calling an intervention.  

~or i could tell you how i tease him about a man crush i think he has on daughtry...even though he says that he just really just likes his music ALOT!  the funny thing is everytime i have gotten in his car since i got him the cd that's what he's playing.  i could talk about that but he threatened that if i blogged about that he would rip the damn computer off the wall and then divorce me. luckily i didn't blog about it, eh?  if any of you tell him that i did i will move me and my 3 crazy kids in with you so you better keep your snarky comments to yourself if you see him.  none of you want that happening!

~i just read a great book 'the secret life of bees'. my sister recommended it and we are going to see the movie next week.  if you haven't read it i would highly encourage it.  i'm not sure if queen latifah is old enough to play august but we'll soon see.  that's another thing i could blog about.

~i hula hooped on a wii last night after watching my sister and niece go to town on the thing.  i could probably give you a pretty good laugh blogging about 3 women faking hula hooping with gyrating hips and every once in a while leaning to the side to catch a fake thrown hoop...it was a funny sight for sure.

i could do a complete blog post on any one of those things up there...but how could  i choose just one?

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Kristina P. said...

3 new posts in one day?!?!? What's going on?

And I love the mancrush statement. My coworker has a mancrush on Christian Bale. We have a new male coworker, and Mancrush threatened us with our lives if we told new guy about the crush. But MC is slowly convincing New Guy to watch all of Bale's movies. Hilarious!

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