November 7, 2008

the couch

ok so this new job is interfering greatly with my blogging! i haven't been able to blog stalk all week and so i am catching up tonight. so i got to my favorite blog 'pioneer woman'and lo and behold her dog is lying or laying (which one is it) on a cushion that looks just like my ugly 70's couch! i say to myself...holy hell pioneer woman has an ugly couch just like mine!!! i am cool, i'm not a dork with a $50 couch and chair from d.i because my idol has one too. then i scrolled down and realized that it was just a cushion off of her nice tan couch which is probably very normal and not spastic like mine. i had a temporary feeling of not being a dork and now it's gone.;) ouch.


Kristina P. said...

Don't you hate when work interferes with blogging? I do.

Mindy said...

Marci, you're even awesomer that PW, so sit on your couch proudly!

Marci said...

thanks mind...that is a GREAT compliment because she's pretty dang awesome! i will sit on that ugly as hell couch a little more proud.:)

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