November 19, 2008

imagine if you will...

  • a beautiful fall day in park, clean, sunny.
  • shopping at the outlet mall with no-one else. no children running around going crazy, no husband bored to death, no skinny little teenager that you feel like you want to buy everything for because she looks lots better than you.
  • the perfect outfit to wear to your husband's work christmas party on sale for 60% off! and it looks pretty dang good on you!
  • no little person having to go to the bathroom, !right now!, which is on the other side of the universe.
  • the heels to go with outfit on sale for $19.99...and they fit just right on your wide feet.
  • finding the perfect jeans at gap...all that 'what not to wear' viewing came in handy!:) and having a 30% off coupon to use on them.
  • taking your own sweet time trying on all of these clothes trying to find the perfect thing instead of grabbing whatever and trying to get in and out with the least amount of yelling and running around by your children.
  • stopping at rubio's in sugarhouse and finding out that they have yummy lobster tacos and eating them slowly without having to talk to anyone or get anyone anything or having something spilled all over the table.

~my friends, this was the perfect day....ahhh. i would like to thank my sponsors of this day, mady for watching the little ones & dave for not making me tell him where i was going and for not giving me crap for spending money we don't have. you are both beautiful people.


Kristina P. said...

That day sounds amazing! And I wish there was a Rubios closer to me.

I will be purchasing my cute little signs after my next paycheck, at the first of December.

And your cute Mady commented on my blog last week! She's adorable!

haley said...

i'm jealous!!!! but you deserved it!!!

Mindy said...

It sounds like heaven! Lucky girl!!

Mel said...

i'm in need of one of those days...i'm almost considering catalog shopping so i don't have to rush. glad you had a good day & glad you founds some cute clothes/saved money (as tiff would say).

work is work. if i have to work, i'm glad it's where i'm at.

ribbon - yes. flowers - yes. however i think i owe you some tax $ - i didn't know what they asked me when i checked out till i got home and asked my mom. sorry. i want to go again - i think i'm addicted. baby hormones are changing me ;)

Tanya said...

that sounds wonderful. You so deserve a day like that. i want to see a pic of you in your cute outfit!

Charma said...

I think we all need one of those days.... it sounds wonderful!

Gretchen said...

shopping by yourself rocks!

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