December 7, 2008

deck the halls...

i have a confession to make. last year i was so busy with dickens festival and getting orders out that i. did. not. decorate. for. christmas. not one decoration on the tree, we were lucky to even have one. it was a sad, sad, christmas at our house. when we decided we weren't going to do dickens this year i made up my mind right there and then that the day after thanksgiving my house was getting decorated come hell or high water. there will be no more years of undecorating at this house dammit. so we decked the was fabulous. it looks and smells like christmas. ahhh. so i'm going to bore you with pictures. sorry but i think it's the bloggin thing to do.
the skinny little tree in the crock...
it's a must have for all prim lovers i think. 
 at least it says so in all the prim magazines.
i know this is a funky picture but isn't it cool how the lights all reflect on the tin?  ooo ahhh
i even decorated the windowsill above
 the sink...all out this year,
 i have to make up for last year,  you know.
the water on the windows?  the price 
of old windows my friends.
i wish that pictures could really do a
 tree justice because this is a beauty. 
i've said that approximately 100 times
to dave.  he might be sick of hearing it
so i'll just say it to you.
i love this black shelf.  it has become the place
for the holiday festivities and it's nice to
have a place for all of those.

thanks for touring our holiday are welcome back any time.


Mindy said...

I love your decorations, and I love your sense of humor! You can tell me how beautiful your tree is as many times as you want... I understand how we can wear our husbands out with our chatter! ;)

don and jacki said...

i hope you haven't ruined your kids for life! i didn't even know that you didn't decorate your tree last year! shame on you! you should have called and i could have come and done it for you. so.. i am glad to hear that you have repented! love ya, have a merry christmas!

Kristina P. said...

Everything looks great!

Tanya said...

I love your house Marci! Your decor is beautiful...and yes that tree is a beauty! Thanks for the CD too...It's awesome!

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