December 29, 2008

it's over...sigh...

we have this tradition that on christmas eve mady gets her birthday dinner because her birthday is on christmas...yup that's right.  christmas.  i know.  so this year dave had the brilliant idea to have a dinner of appetizers.  we had stuffed mushrooms, hooters buffalo wings (i made them...we didn't take the little ones to hooters, don't worry.)  baby quiches, artichoke dip, veggie tray...yadayadayada. 
the big finale was a chocolate fountain...yummy! 
 after that we did our other tradition, the unwrapping of the christmas pj's.  i actually made pants for the little ones this year.  once upon a time a very very long time ago i used to make clothing for mady.  lots of clothing.  then she got older and that wasn't really that cool so i quit. then i found out that it's really a lot of fun to just buy clothes.  now it's all hip to make clothes for little girls so i figured i don't want the two little ones to not be hip and so i made them jammies. ha.  i think i'll sew a little more for them because i actually enjoyed it!  so here's a pic of my girls...notice mad hatters are from target...i still don't sew for her.  she wants me to make her a prom dress...eeeekkk!
christmas morning was magical just like it is every year you have little ones.  is there really many things better than little kids on christmas morning?  it doesn't matter if they get one thing or fifty they are just happy that the big guy came and brought them a surprise.  i love em! mady even said this year that she was more excited to see them then for herself...she's growing up...sigh.  

so i hope that your christmas was as great as mine!


Kristina P. said...

That menu sounds a little incomplete. No Chacon or corn dog jello? I am shocked! :)

Rachel H. said...

SO MUCH FUN! You are such a great mom. I just love how SWEET you are to your are an angel.

Glad you had a merry christmas!

Jen r. said...

Your family is beautiful!

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