December 29, 2008

it's a wonderful life...

i am surrounded during christmas time by decorations.  my decorations are special though.  as i looked at all of them this year almost every single one is attached to someone i love or a cherished memory.  i have the one that was the first christmas gift i bought to give out our first married christmas...a little porcelain polar bear sitting on a bell.  i remember buying them for my sisters and brothers and being so excited and feeling all grown up.  there's the little church that i bought in carmel, cali when we went with my sis and bil for my brother's wedding.  my sisters have made me many and they always make me feel loved.  i have beautiful santas that my mom has given me for my collection.  there are neighbor gifts and gifts from when i was in young womens.  i have cute things that my little niece haley has given me and that my awesome bil and sil have made for us.  the best thing about all of these things is that each year i take them out i also take out memories and feelings of love that have been stored all year and are welcomed just like old friends.

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Mindy said...

We have a teeny pair of knit stockings that someone put on our wedding gift 14 years ago (we were married on the 21st of December) that we hang on our tree every year. It's nice to have the memories!

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