December 29, 2008


we are a family of movie lovers.  i think we got about 10 dvds for christmas.  a little pathetic really.  some of the most memorable moments in my life are about movies...i saw bambi the night that my niece haley was born.  i saw malcolm x with my brother jeff and it brought on a conversation with him that is very important to my way of thinking about things.  dave and i saw groundhog day on our honeymoon and he chased me around the theater saying something goofy about feet.  we went to see one of the harry potters in the big theater in san antonio where they show the alamo movie.  hot summer afternoons we often escape to the cool dark movie theater to cool down after working outside.  plus it's the only date that i can get dave to agree to.  sometimes i'll see anything just to get out of the house for a few hours.;)  
so i thought i would share my thoughts on a few of the movies i've seen  this past few weeks.  we watched traitor again last night on dvd with don cheadle....i love this movie.  it is a total thinker and it's a little scary but i think he is awesome and i love that it makes me think.  i took dave to australia which i really liked and he sorta liked.  it was a great story, kind of gone with the windish and that little boy is just amazing.  if i could somehow prearrange a marriage with him for maya it would happen.  seriously.  we saw 4 christmases which is a perfect mindless movie that is totally predictable and those two have no chemistry, but it was cute...definately a rental.  yes man was a typical jim carrey movie but we laughed hard.  yesterday we went and saw the curious case of benjamin button.  it is a very long movie.  be warned...we didn't go in with that knowledge.  we liked it though.  it's a great story and they did a really good job, i thought, with the makeup on brad pitt.  cate blanchett is lovely.  the thing i love the most is it is completely original.  sometimes it seems like every  movie is the same.  they have done a good job this year of mixing it up a little with movies.  yay hollywood!
i have been on a complete brad pitt strike for the last few years but this movie reminds me why i loved brad pitt.  not only is he dreamy in a young robert redford kind of way but he really is a great actor when he has  the right role to play.  he did an excellent job in this movie.

 so there you go...there are my movie reviews for the holiday season.  i still need to see 7 pounds and marley and me so let me know how they were if you saw them and happy movie going! 

~saw marley and me and LOVED it!  if you love your pets, especially your chocolate lab named drake that's getting old and gray and deaf, then you better take some tissue...why didn't anyone tell me this?!  anyhoo, i love jennifer aniston and owen wilson both and i loved this movie!!!  sorry pulsipher but jen is the definite winner of the angelina vs. jen war.


Kristina P. said...

I loved Benjamin Button! It was long, but it was beautiful.

I want to see Valkerie this weekend.

Gretchen said...

i second everything said. i regret seeing benjamin button with a boy though...i just wanted to scream when he drove by on a motorcycle! so hot!!!! haha

Mindy said...

I want to see all those movies! We did see Australia. I liked it too. Thanks for the reviews!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

This is just what I needed...a synopsis of all the movies that I should be seeing to start out 2009. Thank you!

I totally agree re Four Christmases. I adore Reese Witherspoon, but pairing her with Vince Vaughn so did not work.

Also, I am in complete agreement that Jen comes out light years ahead of Angelina any day of the week. Hello...why does she keep having so many kids? It just isn't normal.


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