December 29, 2008

thank you!

hello blog friends!  before i do anything else i just want to say a big thank you to my customers.  i don't know if any of you visit the blog but if you do, thank you.  what an awesome christmas season we had with our little business.  i got to ship my pictures to places all over the country and even had my first canadian customer...we shipped to such far off places as north pole, alaska...annapolis, maryland....elbow lake, minnesota...wellington, utah...herkimer, new york... kinston, north carolina.  it's been so much fun talking to people with southern accents, emailing back and forth with sweet ladies from beaver dam, wisconsin, and meeting my blog bff, kristina, for breakfast to exchange pictures. thanks again pulsipher, it was fun.  it was fun to get orders for this picture from husbands to give to their wives....what sweethearts!  it was also great to get orders for this picture  for sons and sweethearts who love the duke,  the women who ordered those were the best, just full of love for those men in their lives.  i have to tell you this story because it brought a tear even to big d....this little lady from a small town in south carolina ordered the john wayne picture to hang in her house.  her husband said that was the way he was going to live his life and when he died of cancer last october they buried a little coaster that had it written on it with him.  she was going to get our picture to hang up so her kids could remember their dad that way.  i know!  my other favorite story was about
 this picture, a lady ordered it for her husband for christmas because it was something he says to his boys all the time.  she was so excited to find something with that quote on it....i love quotes they just stick with ya and teach good things.
anyhoo...thank you, thank you, thank you.  you have all been so great to work with and have kept me busy, busy, busy.  plus you paid for an awesome christmas for my family!;)  i can't wait to work with all of you again.  Happy New Year!

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Kristina P. said...

I am so happy you had a successful Christmas! Your signs are beautiful.

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