January 21, 2009

junktique cookbook holder

us little 'junkers' out there are always trying to find new and inventive ways to put that junk to good use, right? i thought this was a good way to corral all of those cookbooks that i love...it would also look really cute in a little girl's room for their sweet little books....
i don't have a picture of the before, sorry.  i took the top part of my little dolly high chair from when i was a wee lass...the legs were falling off and it was in sad shape...i painted her white and sanded and stained and roughed her up a little.  i saw it done with the top of a little kids chair and that was awesome too.
and she became the perfect resting place for some of my favorite cookbooks. i have a slight addiction to 'the sopranos', please don't hold it against me. i want to entertain like  carmela soprano and cook like artie bucco....if you understand that then you carry the same shame that i do about my soprano addiction.  also the 'apples for jam' cookbook is lovely and 'the new southern basics' is one of the best cookbooks ever written.  i love cookbooks and they are as fun to read for me as any twilight book...call me kooky.

January 20, 2009

memories...oh wo wo...memories

i've been sifting through my 'treasures' box tonight.  i wish my scanner worked so i could show you all some pictures from way back when.  anyhoo, the memories.  i have stuff in there from elementary school all the way up to college.  school papers, report cards (eek), pictures, dance pictures (love that 80's hair), letters, cards..etc.  there are letters in there from my two big brothers.  one, who is now a professor, telling me about the punk hair cut he just got at some funky hair salon in california...about the vw bus that he and his roommate fixed up and how the ladies just love it... the great music scene in cali...this from my very serious big brother.  also letters from my other big brother from all over the world, telling me all about his life outside of utah.  i remember getting those letters from those two and waiting for the day that i also could escape utah.  it never happened, of course.:)  i have the plane ticket from going to seattle to help my big sister move back home after having my little baby niece while her husband drove the u-haul.  many cards from everyone...cards that my little nieces & nephews signed while just learning to write their names.  pictures of those same nieces & nephews who were just little critters and now they are all grown up.  there are pictures of cheerleading in jr. high and silly pictures with my friends sherron & stephanie...we had lots and lots of good times together just being stupid.  i went to one of those wilderness programs when i was a teen  and i have all of my paraphenalia from that.  leather i tanned myself and then made into all kinds of goodies and all of my journals from that adventure.  and then letters from my friends while i was at college...letters from my sweet friend diana, who mady is named after.  then the pictures of my little one getting her first bath and all of my brothers taking turns holding her.  there was a picture of all 4 of my big brothers....handsome guys, i tell ya.  the most special thing about that picture is that my oldest brother was killed about 14 yrs. ago and it is the only picture i have of him.  i've been looking everywhere for that picture and of course it was in my box of treasures.  i love that the things in that box are the things that i treasure and all of them are memories of my family and friends.

January 15, 2009


isn't it funny how we spend the first little bit of our children's lives just waiting for the day that they first say mama or mommy.  i remember wanting so much to hear that come out of each of my babies mouths.  now i wish that they had never learned that specific word.:)  it's been one of THOSE days.  for you sweet little moms or mom-in-the-futures  enjoy the sweet little critters before they learn that word!  don't rush it, believe you me.

January 13, 2009

funny bus stuff..

so i've been a sub driver for a month or two and thought i would share some funny stuff about  being a substitute school bus driver...

*i locked myself out of my bus at roberts craft during christmastime and had to have some poor lady give me boost so that i could climb in the back emergency door...

*no-one told me that i only had two minutes to get in the bus wash before the door would start to close....it took more than two minutes to get all of the windows shut and when i started to pull into the wash i took out the top mirror on the right side and bent the heck out of the bus wash door.:) oops

*everyday i drive a different bus and these buses are about 16-17 yrs old so they are OLD!  they also get parked out in no man's land and so they don't get plugged in at night.  3 times i've had a bus that won't start so i call the maintenance guys who then have to hop in their truck and come find me only to have that sucker start up the first time they try it!  3 TIMES!  

*then there was the day that it not only wouldn't start but then i got stuck in the snow on one of those really snowy mornings we've had.  so i did everything.  i would get stuck then i would be able to go a little and then i would get stuck again...blah blah blah.  i finally really think i'm stuck...i've been pulling forward and then backward and forward again, i've turned the wheel, i've lowered gears..done everything possible but no luck.  so i call maintenance again to come and pull me out.  the guy drives up says why don't you try backing up and then pulling forward so that's what i do to appease the guy so he'll help me and i'll be danged if it doesn't work that time!!!  i was so ticked!  made me look like some dumb girl.  dumb bus.   

*there's the special needs bus that has the most touchy gas and brake pedals alive!  those poor kids and my poor aide had whiplash by the time i stopped chug chugging along trying to get the hang of that thing!!

*the other day i had an extra bouncy air ride seat that squeaked every it went up and down...i'll just leave it to your imagination what that sounded like.  of course that was the day that i had to drive high schoolers back and forth to the bowling alley all day.  hopefully they were all very stupid and innocent and didn't know what i kept laughing about.

*yesterday i drove the bus with the door that sticks.  i ran into the store while waiting for the kids to bowl and closed the door.  when i came out i couldn't open the stupid door.  again with the climbing into the emergency door.  i don't know if you realize how tall those stupid exit doors are but i'm kinda short with short little legs and those things are hella high.  i'm sure i looked like an idiot but i got in!!

luckily every once in a while i get to drive a nice bus...today i do and it's a beaut.  i never knew how much i appreciated a smooth ride that doesn't wiggle and jiggle and jangle all over the place!

January 10, 2009

oh what an inspiration...

you have to go check out this video...

the cabinets...

so here's the scoop...we are putting in new cabinets.  you already know that.  all of the people who love me and know me are soo excited for me to get cabinets because i haven't had any real cabinets since we moved into our house almost 10 years ago. our plan from the start was to build on to our house and have a kitchen...well you know how that goes.  9 yrs later you take that lean-to thing that someone built off of the back of your house into a kitchen because it's still going to be YEARS before you can actually build on.  i'm rambling.  so here's the thing.  i am so excited to have cabinets BUT i have been building this kitchen in my head for a year and the cabinets that we got do not fit into this picture i've had.  they were one of those good deals that if we passed them up we would both be considered complete morons.  here's where these problems come in for me. in my minds kitchen i knew exactly where everything would go because i had custom built the cabinets, or rather big d had. but i've forgotten how to use cupboards.  i mean i can open doors and drawers and whatnot,  i just have nooo idea where to put anything.  there's a spice rack and i've taken care of that.  i got the cups and dishes in but it's all the tupperware, and cooking thinga-ma-bobs and pyrex and all of that kind of stuff.  and then there is the small problem that i have with dishes.  i love dishes.  of all kinds.  but mostly plates and serving dishes and hammered aluminum, oh how i love my hammered aluminum.

 where do i put all of this @#$%?  so here we are...all of my kitchen pulled out into the middle of the kitchen with nowhere to go.  or maybe somewhere to go and i can't figure out where.  so this my friends is what we're looking at and have been for a couple of days now.
look at my poor girl trying to eat breakfast in the middle of the mess.
then there's that cupboard above the microwave...that is a reject from the two that we had before...it doesn't fit in and it is driving me CRAZY!!  there is something most of you don't know about me...only mady and dave and maybe my sisters and mom.  i like things to match.  i'm a little obsessive about it.  i know when it is right and when it fits in perfectly.  this cupboard does not fit in and i've got to make it fit in because i don't want poor dave to have to take that microwave down for the third time.  aaaa!!!  it kept me awake last night trying to figure out what to do about that damn cabinet.  i have a problem.  so wish me luck today in wrapping this project up!  have a great saturday!!

~oh and yes, those are my christmas decorations still up.  i hate taking down the decorations.  it's so cold and gray here in the winter and the lights are still so pretty and bright.  maybe when i get the kitchen done.;)

January 8, 2009

my sister...

my sweet older sister, jacki, had a stroke this week.  she's only 52!  luckily it cleared itself out quickly and luckily my little nephew (he's like 24 and 6' somethin but he's still little to me)  happened to be home. it's made me think a lot about my family.  we are kind of a weird family.  we like each other a lot, we have a great time when we are together and i'm pretty sure that any of us would give up a kidney if another one of us needed it.  the weird thing is...we don't really make the time to do things together.  i think over the years that we've forgotten how.  how to pick up a phone (i am the BIGGEST offender of this), or plan a family get together, or just be together. this thing that happened this week makes me look at my sister a little differently.  she's one of those people, even though she is 16 yrs older than me, that i think will always be there.  she's been there for me all of my life, through thick and thin.  i've lived with her at times, i spent many summer days there when i was little, she has been a best friend and confidant, she watched my mady girl when she was a baby so i could work...she has filled so many roles in my life.  the last few years we have kind of moved farther apart.  she has grown children with grandkids of her own, her husband and her are in the golden time of their life when their children are gone and they are finally able to really just enjoy the heck out of each other. and i am in the years of little ones and diapers and up all nights, and the things that she's looking at as distant memories.  i am closer to her girls that are going through the same things that i am, and i guess in a way that is being close to her.  this is a rambling thing here and my mind is going too many places at once....so i am going to just say this.  i love you big sister.  i promise to be better about calling and going to lunch and being there for you.  thank you so much for everything that you have done for me and my family.  you have taught me things that are invaluable to me.  please don't go anywhere for awhile because i'm just not ready for you to not be here.  even though i don't call very much it brings me great peace to know you are there.  you are a wonderful lady. 
this is me and my two beautiful sisters, jacki and ginny

January 6, 2009

this time last year...

as we were sitting in the basement (not really a basement, mady loves that 7o's show...don't worry we have a no circle policy) today it started me thinking about all that was accomplished in the last year.  this time last year the basement was a dark, dank, dingy place filled with all of our 'stuff' and dave had a little tiny space in the corner for his workshop.  my little husband worked his fingers to the bone and made what was a lean to off of the back of our house into an awesome little addition to our home.  it now houses my kitchen and a little tv space that can accomodate several teenagers, which was our original goal.  give those kids somewhere to hang out that we can keep an eye on the girl.  i don't have any before pics but i have a few of different cool things that we did.  today we brought home cabinets...yes real life cabinets!!!  i'm so excited that i can't hardly stand it. i'll take pictures when we get them in.  here's a few pictures of our so cool lights and the first kitchen table i've had in 10 yrs!  i love this kitchen table.
this is one of my favorite things...a light dave made out of a flour bin i brought home from star mill.  love star mill.

i'm pretty sure that my sink has been seen on the blog before but i adore this sink and it deserves a second showing.  i'm a nutball who adores a sink...please don't hold this against me.

and last but not least my lovely kitchen table...i know some are saying huh? but this little beauty has been around since sometimes near the 1930's and can you even imagine all that it has seen?  i love to think of two women with beehives drinking coffee and gossiping about all the neighbors.  and it really is an awesome thing to have dinner around an actual table.  believe me i lived without one for 10 dang years!!!
it was also around this time last year that i went to big d with a business proposal...that we attend the farm chicks show in june.  much to my surprise he said go ahead and apply...much to his surprise they said yes.  he fully anticipated them saying nope to me because of the fact that they are primarily an antique show.  yay for me!  thus began the excitement and the work and preparation for that glorious event.  i know it may sound silly to some but that week in june was one that i will treasure for the rest of my life.  not just for the show but i got to spend time with dave and mady and see some of the most gorgeous spots on earth.  and i got to live a dream.  a silly dream maybe...but not to me.

so this, my friends, was the start to a year.  a hard year, a good year, a year full of hard work and anticipation and good times.  hopefully this year will be as good.  we'll see.

January 5, 2009

good, no great, food...

so mads had an appointment in slc today and being the mom i am i took her up there... (i will not tell you what the appointment was for, you'll have to wait for a week or two and then you will see for yourself. so ha) anyhow, we ate at the most yummiest joint and i had to tell you all about it so you could go experience the fantabulous food  for yourself.  i'm making up adjectives, that should tell you how good it was.  we were stuck on the slow slow freeway because, of course, it was snowing like it always does when i go to slc.  it's a curse i think.  so we decided to get off for a minute and grab a bite and try to let rush hour die down a little, which it didn't.    we got of at 4500 s. and found the parrot head island grill.  i'm tellin ya people...delicious!  i had a rice bowl with salmon and pork and it was to die for and mady had fish and chips which were actually fish and so so yummy!! it was at 4546 s. and 815 w. or thereabouts in taylorsville.  all of you who can must go try this place out if you haven't already been there.  plus, it's clean and they play reggae music.  it is awesome.  so go...now...if you haven't had dinner and if you have then go tomorrow for lunch or dinner or maybe lunch and dinner!  

January 4, 2009

happy birthday mady lou...

on christmas day my little girl turned 17....i really hate that.  that means that in a year and half she will graduate from high school and move away to go to college.  ouch.  but i am excited to see her grow and have all the experiences that you have when you are 17.  the good and the bad...what doesn't kill you when you're 17 just builds character, right?  i hope so.  but i would like now to do the traditional blogging tribute.  here are 17 things that i love/admire/respect/just plain like about mady.

1.  she is funny.
2.  she's not afraid to look all crazy and go out on the town.
3.  she's an extremely loyal friend, even sometimes when they don't deserve it.
4.  she's beautiful inside and out.
5.  she will play with the little girls and have fun.
6.  she has goals.
7.  she has sooo much ambition.
8.  she's smart as a whip.  (or whuppin as maya puts it)
9.  she has a good heart.
10. she's got a lot of inner strength.
11.  she dances with me.
12.  she has great taste in music...and she shares it with me and the little ones.
13.  she continuously makes me proud to be her momma.
14.  she doesn't care what other people think and so is able to just be herself.
15.  she's everything i wish i would've been at 17.
16.  she's a great movie partner.
17.  her smile.

~this, little mama, is one of the many ways i will be getting you back for the video...
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