January 10, 2009

the cabinets...

so here's the scoop...we are putting in new cabinets.  you already know that.  all of the people who love me and know me are soo excited for me to get cabinets because i haven't had any real cabinets since we moved into our house almost 10 years ago. our plan from the start was to build on to our house and have a kitchen...well you know how that goes.  9 yrs later you take that lean-to thing that someone built off of the back of your house into a kitchen because it's still going to be YEARS before you can actually build on.  i'm rambling.  so here's the thing.  i am so excited to have cabinets BUT i have been building this kitchen in my head for a year and the cabinets that we got do not fit into this picture i've had.  they were one of those good deals that if we passed them up we would both be considered complete morons.  here's where these problems come in for me. in my minds kitchen i knew exactly where everything would go because i had custom built the cabinets, or rather big d had. but i've forgotten how to use cupboards.  i mean i can open doors and drawers and whatnot,  i just have nooo idea where to put anything.  there's a spice rack and i've taken care of that.  i got the cups and dishes in but it's all the tupperware, and cooking thinga-ma-bobs and pyrex and all of that kind of stuff.  and then there is the small problem that i have with dishes.  i love dishes.  of all kinds.  but mostly plates and serving dishes and hammered aluminum, oh how i love my hammered aluminum.

 where do i put all of this @#$%?  so here we are...all of my kitchen pulled out into the middle of the kitchen with nowhere to go.  or maybe somewhere to go and i can't figure out where.  so this my friends is what we're looking at and have been for a couple of days now.
look at my poor girl trying to eat breakfast in the middle of the mess.
then there's that cupboard above the microwave...that is a reject from the two that we had before...it doesn't fit in and it is driving me CRAZY!!  there is something most of you don't know about me...only mady and dave and maybe my sisters and mom.  i like things to match.  i'm a little obsessive about it.  i know when it is right and when it fits in perfectly.  this cupboard does not fit in and i've got to make it fit in because i don't want poor dave to have to take that microwave down for the third time.  aaaa!!!  it kept me awake last night trying to figure out what to do about that damn cabinet.  i have a problem.  so wish me luck today in wrapping this project up!  have a great saturday!!

~oh and yes, those are my christmas decorations still up.  i hate taking down the decorations.  it's so cold and gray here in the winter and the lights are still so pretty and bright.  maybe when i get the kitchen done.;)


Tanya said...

i have absolutley no doubt that you are going to put this together the way you love it....no doubt at all! i am always willing to come and help put stuff away too! let me know. i think it is going to be wonderful!

Tanya said...

on a more serious note.....how is your sis? and how are you and haley holding up? i read about it on haley's blog a few days ago, and i wish i could help...is there any way i can?

Mindy said...

Good luck!! My kitchen is a thorn in my side right now too. I'm glad you got new cabinets, though!

I hope everything goes okay with your sister. So scary! It is interesting how our busy lives get in the way of spending time with those we love.

I can't wait to see you this weekend!

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