January 4, 2009

happy birthday mady lou...

on christmas day my little girl turned 17....i really hate that.  that means that in a year and half she will graduate from high school and move away to go to college.  ouch.  but i am excited to see her grow and have all the experiences that you have when you are 17.  the good and the bad...what doesn't kill you when you're 17 just builds character, right?  i hope so.  but i would like now to do the traditional blogging tribute.  here are 17 things that i love/admire/respect/just plain like about mady.

1.  she is funny.
2.  she's not afraid to look all crazy and go out on the town.
3.  she's an extremely loyal friend, even sometimes when they don't deserve it.
4.  she's beautiful inside and out.
5.  she will play with the little girls and have fun.
6.  she has goals.
7.  she has sooo much ambition.
8.  she's smart as a whip.  (or whuppin as maya puts it)
9.  she has a good heart.
10. she's got a lot of inner strength.
11.  she dances with me.
12.  she has great taste in music...and she shares it with me and the little ones.
13.  she continuously makes me proud to be her momma.
14.  she doesn't care what other people think and so is able to just be herself.
15.  she's everything i wish i would've been at 17.
16.  she's a great movie partner.
17.  her smile.

~this, little mama, is one of the many ways i will be getting you back for the video...


Rachel H. said...


Kristina P. said...

Happy belated birthday to Mady!!

Anonymous said...

ah thanks mom....and
YOU TURD!! those pictures were for my own viewing pleasure haha

V and Co. said...

damn she gorgeous! keep her on the lock down cause i'm sure the boys are crazy over her!

Tanya said...

HAPPY BDAY MADY! I love your pic!!!

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday Mady!

Marci, when are you coming to Vernal? Probably today, because we just got back from out of town and my house is a MESS! ;)

don and jacki said...

Woo Hoo Marc! Got her back didn't you !? Gotta love the picture Mady, hey... someday come over and I could probably dig up some good ones of your mamma!
Happy 17 years of life, honey. Just think how fast the next 17 will be, and you still won't be as old as me. Love ya, Auntie Jacki

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