January 20, 2009

memories...oh wo wo...memories

i've been sifting through my 'treasures' box tonight.  i wish my scanner worked so i could show you all some pictures from way back when.  anyhoo, the memories.  i have stuff in there from elementary school all the way up to college.  school papers, report cards (eek), pictures, dance pictures (love that 80's hair), letters, cards..etc.  there are letters in there from my two big brothers.  one, who is now a professor, telling me about the punk hair cut he just got at some funky hair salon in california...about the vw bus that he and his roommate fixed up and how the ladies just love it... the great music scene in cali...this from my very serious big brother.  also letters from my other big brother from all over the world, telling me all about his life outside of utah.  i remember getting those letters from those two and waiting for the day that i also could escape utah.  it never happened, of course.:)  i have the plane ticket from going to seattle to help my big sister move back home after having my little baby niece while her husband drove the u-haul.  many cards from everyone...cards that my little nieces & nephews signed while just learning to write their names.  pictures of those same nieces & nephews who were just little critters and now they are all grown up.  there are pictures of cheerleading in jr. high and silly pictures with my friends sherron & stephanie...we had lots and lots of good times together just being stupid.  i went to one of those wilderness programs when i was a teen  and i have all of my paraphenalia from that.  leather i tanned myself and then made into all kinds of goodies and all of my journals from that adventure.  and then letters from my friends while i was at college...letters from my sweet friend diana, who mady is named after.  then the pictures of my little one getting her first bath and all of my brothers taking turns holding her.  there was a picture of all 4 of my big brothers....handsome guys, i tell ya.  the most special thing about that picture is that my oldest brother was killed about 14 yrs. ago and it is the only picture i have of him.  i've been looking everywhere for that picture and of course it was in my box of treasures.  i love that the things in that box are the things that i treasure and all of them are memories of my family and friends.


Kristina P. said...

I've never been a saver, and have very few memories saved. I sort of regret that. That's great you have one picture.

Tanya said...

that's awesome!! do you have pics of me in your treasures ;)

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