January 15, 2009


isn't it funny how we spend the first little bit of our children's lives just waiting for the day that they first say mama or mommy.  i remember wanting so much to hear that come out of each of my babies mouths.  now i wish that they had never learned that specific word.:)  it's been one of THOSE days.  for you sweet little moms or mom-in-the-futures  enjoy the sweet little critters before they learn that word!  don't rush it, believe you me.


Mindy said...

Oh my, I'm so with you on this one! There are days when I say "THERE IS NO MOM HERE! She left!!"

Mel said...

When I don't answer, Siona has switched to yelling "MELODY". She thinks it's so funny I have a name.

don and jacki said...

wouldn't want it any other way... would you?

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