January 6, 2009

this time last year...

as we were sitting in the basement (not really a basement, mady loves that 7o's show...don't worry we have a no circle policy) today it started me thinking about all that was accomplished in the last year.  this time last year the basement was a dark, dank, dingy place filled with all of our 'stuff' and dave had a little tiny space in the corner for his workshop.  my little husband worked his fingers to the bone and made what was a lean to off of the back of our house into an awesome little addition to our home.  it now houses my kitchen and a little tv space that can accomodate several teenagers, which was our original goal.  give those kids somewhere to hang out that we can keep an eye on the girl.  i don't have any before pics but i have a few of different cool things that we did.  today we brought home cabinets...yes real life cabinets!!!  i'm so excited that i can't hardly stand it. i'll take pictures when we get them in.  here's a few pictures of our so cool lights and the first kitchen table i've had in 10 yrs!  i love this kitchen table.
this is one of my favorite things...a light dave made out of a flour bin i brought home from star mill.  love star mill.

i'm pretty sure that my sink has been seen on the blog before but i adore this sink and it deserves a second showing.  i'm a nutball who adores a sink...please don't hold this against me.

and last but not least my lovely kitchen table...i know some are saying huh? but this little beauty has been around since sometimes near the 1930's and can you even imagine all that it has seen?  i love to think of two women with beehives drinking coffee and gossiping about all the neighbors.  and it really is an awesome thing to have dinner around an actual table.  believe me i lived without one for 10 dang years!!!
it was also around this time last year that i went to big d with a business proposal...that we attend the farm chicks show in june.  much to my surprise he said go ahead and apply...much to his surprise they said yes.  he fully anticipated them saying nope to me because of the fact that they are primarily an antique show.  yay for me!  thus began the excitement and the work and preparation for that glorious event.  i know it may sound silly to some but that week in june was one that i will treasure for the rest of my life.  not just for the show but i got to spend time with dave and mady and see some of the most gorgeous spots on earth.  and i got to live a dream.  a silly dream maybe...but not to me.

so this, my friends, was the start to a year.  a hard year, a good year, a year full of hard work and anticipation and good times.  hopefully this year will be as good.  we'll see.


Tanya said...

i love this post marci!!! you are so cool, and i think everything you do is awesome! are you doing fc again?

Kristina P. said...

I love all the cool things in your house!

Mindy said...

That's why we get along so well... we both see the beauty of things with a lot of history! I love your sink and light and table and everything else you do!

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