January 8, 2009

my sister...

my sweet older sister, jacki, had a stroke this week.  she's only 52!  luckily it cleared itself out quickly and luckily my little nephew (he's like 24 and 6' somethin but he's still little to me)  happened to be home. it's made me think a lot about my family.  we are kind of a weird family.  we like each other a lot, we have a great time when we are together and i'm pretty sure that any of us would give up a kidney if another one of us needed it.  the weird thing is...we don't really make the time to do things together.  i think over the years that we've forgotten how.  how to pick up a phone (i am the BIGGEST offender of this), or plan a family get together, or just be together. this thing that happened this week makes me look at my sister a little differently.  she's one of those people, even though she is 16 yrs older than me, that i think will always be there.  she's been there for me all of my life, through thick and thin.  i've lived with her at times, i spent many summer days there when i was little, she has been a best friend and confidant, she watched my mady girl when she was a baby so i could work...she has filled so many roles in my life.  the last few years we have kind of moved farther apart.  she has grown children with grandkids of her own, her husband and her are in the golden time of their life when their children are gone and they are finally able to really just enjoy the heck out of each other. and i am in the years of little ones and diapers and up all nights, and the things that she's looking at as distant memories.  i am closer to her girls that are going through the same things that i am, and i guess in a way that is being close to her.  this is a rambling thing here and my mind is going too many places at once....so i am going to just say this.  i love you big sister.  i promise to be better about calling and going to lunch and being there for you.  thank you so much for everything that you have done for me and my family.  you have taught me things that are invaluable to me.  please don't go anywhere for awhile because i'm just not ready for you to not be here.  even though i don't call very much it brings me great peace to know you are there.  you are a wonderful lady. 
this is me and my two beautiful sisters, jacki and ginny


Kristina P. said...

I'm sorry to hear about your sister, Marci! I hope she recovers quickly and fully!

don and jacki said...

sis, thanks for everything! i don't hope to be going anywhere too awful soon. love ya and thanks for coming down to the hospital. i know you couldn't do much, but the fact is, that you were there! love ya, jack

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