February 7, 2009

our cheerleaders rock!

warning:  this post may be a little seriously so blessedish.  sorry but it has to happen occasionally.  :D

once again our little pghs cheerleaders won their competition...you girls are awesome and i'm so proud of you and all of your hard work!

today though i am feeling especially proud of my girl.  she had a rough day today.  she came down a little early from one of her stunts.  i know most of you are going, uh so what?!  well in the life of a pg cheerleader this means instant death to your dreams of being #1.  as anyone who has belonged to a team knows, that is the worst thing you can do to your teammates.  well needless to say there were some serious tears flowing.  from both of us.  there is nothing worse than knowing that your child is hurting and you can't do a thing to help them...you all know how that is.  to make it worse they have been #1 for so long that there is a certain pressure on them to continue on that track.  from themselves and from the teams that they compete against.  so imagine all of this pressure on my girl.  
the thing that makes me proud of her is this:  she is a good teammate.  she strives to give it 125% all of the time because she wants to be an asset to her team.  she has taught herself to tumble and now can do back tucks.  she has worked hard to be able to fly.  a lot of the girls on her team have been taking lessons for years and she has taught herself.  that takes a lot of courage and she has it.  she did not get that from me.;)  so mady girl, good job today.  way to stay with it and bounce right back!  you are one awesome girl and you make me proud everyday.:)
it all ended up that all of the stress and heartache was for nothing because they still won!!!  yay!!!  thank you to those of you who came to cheer her on.  it meant a lot to her and me!  


Kristina P. said...

This is so great! And not SSB at all.

Congrats to Mady!

Tanya said...

Mady...you did a great job today! You are such a great gal! I am so glad I know your mom, so I can know you! Go Vikings! You are awesome Mady!!!

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