March 15, 2009

daughter of a king...

I am a Princess
I am a Princess;
daughter of a King.
Having this knowledge,
makes my heart sing.
I am a Princess,
Standing bright and true.
Sharing the gospel
Is what I can do.
I am a Princess;
I'll share my light
I will help others
Choose the Right.
I am a Princess;
Daughter of a King.
God can help me
Do anything.
~Kylie Pyne~

we have this most amazing  princess that lives in our ward.  she is the oldest of three girls who all have a mystery disease that makes them very special little spirits of our heavenly father.  i have had the privilege over the years of being her  teacher and she is one of those girls who always teaches you more than you will ever teach her.  she wrote the poem up above and i just wanted to share it on this beautiful sunday morning.  


Kristina P. said...

What a beautiful poem, Marci! Thanks for sharing on this Sabbath morning.

Tanya said...

i love kylie! she is such a sweet girl, as are her sisters, and her mom. i love that family!

haley said...

i want this framed and hung in kamryns room!!!

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