March 2, 2009

super good sale on this...

this here is one of my best sellers. i happen to have some left over from last year's craft shows a and they are not easy to store.  the dimensions and all of that info is on mady sunshine. the important part...i need to get rid of these suckers!  so for you, my friends, i am offering them for 1/2, yes 1/2 price!  they are $45. just enter the word 'blog' when it asks for the coupon code at checkout and it will take the cost down.   that's better than wholesale pricing.  there are 4 black and 3 red and they are all coffee stained.  if you are thinking of ordering one from out of state be forewarned...the shipping is over $30 on these because of their length.  it's still a killer deal because you could get them shipped for less than it would normally cost for the picture.  the other catch is this...i need either cash, check or you would have to have a paypal account...i know picky, picky, picky!!!  so there you go.:D

to use the coupon...go through the whole transaction and at the end it will ask you if you have any coupons...enter blog there and it should take $45 off the price.  if it doesn't work let me know and i  will make it work dammit!


V and Co. said...

wow that is a good price...question though, how do you do the coupon thingy?

Tanya said...

hey marci...i have found out that our neighborhood has requested afternoon kindergarten. dorton is the teacher of that session, so we would still be fine. i told the school today that our neighborhood was doing that and that i wanted to switch to pm...hopefully, i won't regret this. i just think they should all go with kids they already know...ya know? do you want to switch to pm? let me know..but you will have to prob go up to the school and tell them. call me or email me or blog me k?

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