May 30, 2009

it's time to add a few things to the shop and to my little etsy store.  just a few little stitcheries today...i'm going to try and get a few more things added tomorrow.:D  hope you are having a fabulous saturday!

May 29, 2009

my sweet sister-in-law...

i've told you before about my fabulous sisters-in-law.  i really have the greatest in all the world. three of them are school teachers...2 1st grade and 1 5th grade.  they truly amaze me and i know they are all great teachers.  but guess what?  denise, my favorite sister-in-law with that name, won alpine school district teacher of the year!!  she deserves it so much and i am so proud of her and so excited for her!! yay denise!!!!

she had me make a special picture for her little kindergartner's teacher...this cute little teacher sings the song to them and tells them that they are her garden and they are growing all year long.  she gives them skittles at the first of the year and tell them that is their cute is she?  seriously....teachers like that are just the best thing that can happen to a kid.  so faith wanted to do something special and we came up with this...

to all of those teachers out there...thank you for your hard work and dedication to our children!

May 22, 2009


oh how i love being a farm girl...

my friend tanya is having a great giveaway on her blog...she has amazing talent and everything is so darn cute and cheery.  go on over and enter and make sure to tell her you got her name from me so that she'll enter me again!  i want to win darn it.;D

May 19, 2009

wanna see what i did yesterday...

this is a little house on the prairie...

this is the crew taking down the little house on the prairie...
do not make fun of my overalls...they are the most comfy pair of work pants i own!
this is aubrey, big d's little sister, who is the toughest girl on the planet!  she's military. hooha
this is the crew...aubs, uncle rob, bo, and big d.  notice i am not on the top of the building?  yup, i'm safely on the ground just pickin up the wood and tin.  i'm the gopher.  gopher's stay on the ground. the ground is safe.
this is our little nephew, bo.  bo is the toughest 16 year old on the planet and a dang good worker.

this is the end of a VERY long HOT day...this gopher is not used to such physical labor and heat. after another trip to wyoming all of the little house on the prairie will be at my house.  then we get to play lincoln logs with it and it will become my little house in the backyard!  yay!!  so thanks to my crew, even though none of them ever read this thing.;D  it'll be awhile before the rebuilding but i'll keep ya'll informed and we'll have a big party when it's all done.  dave says that will be a dang long time but i'll have to hurry it along as much as possible.;D

May 16, 2009


that's peyton's favorite thing to say whenever she thinks she's done somethin great.;D

i've added some fun new things here and over here. 
well go on over and take a peek...don't be shy.

May 14, 2009

strawberry jam...

strawberry ponies
strawberry lambs
dancing in meadows 
of strawberry jam...

my goal today was to hurry and make strawberry jam this morning and then go to work sewing, sewing, sewing so that i could update my shop tomorrow night at 6pm mst....well i got to enjoying the making of the jam a little too much.  i made loads and loads of beautiful strawberry jam and no sewing got done.  so i am moving the update to 6pm on saturday night mst.  i wish you could all be here and we would have some scones and homemade jam...isn't it so pretty?

May 12, 2009

oh no you didn't...

please do not be jealous....i know you will be.

so i've been wanting an old pickup to tool around in...big d's little brother has one that he would sell. we decided there was no way that we could do that because we are poor as poor can be. well on mother's day we were working outside...i know we're total sinners...and he said let's go for a ride and i'll give you your mother's day gift. ok, whatever.  we start up the road and pass all of the places that he could be hiding a gift. we get half way around the block and i said, 'you aren't really taking me to show me a gift, you just wanted to take a break.' he starts laughin...'how the hell did you figure that out?' ha ha ha. funny guy. not. well the truck is parked at his grandpa's house which is just around the corner from us. we pass the house and then we turn around and start down his driveway. 'no way. you. did. not. we cannot buy a truck.' well his response...'don't worry about it, i got a killer deal on it and i'm selling one of my prize possessions to get it for you.' no. way. again. so, oh yes he did. unless he's just trickin with me. hopefully not.  so here's the big dilemma...what to name her.  the license plate is already decided. frm chik..of course.  now i'm thinkin, lulu, lucy, bessie...any good ideas?

May 4, 2009

*the earth laughs in flowers*

welcome, welcome, welcome, beautiful little growing things...

May 3, 2009

a little soul food...

 i got to go to women's conference at byu with my sister, ginny, and her daughter, gretchen this week.  it is a place each year that women of our faith can meet together and hear inspirational and educational talks.  this year i had a hard time getting excited about going...i've been driving a lot lately and just wanted to stay home with my family.  i'm so glad i did go!  i got to spend time with my girls and i heard some things that i needed to hear...thanks ruth todd! there are always a few key things that stick in my mind when i come away from women's conference.  it seems each year there are different things that i'm missing in my life and need to hear.  ruth todd gave a talk on how we as mothers have been given the responsibility to lead our kids down the right pathways.  'mothers lead the way'  and we really do.  i realized that maybe some of the paths that i choose to take are not the ones that i want to have my girls emulate...language being a major one, i'm a total potty mouth.  i came away from that class feeling like a big fat failure at some things but with a resolve to be a better mom.  that's why i love going there.  it's like getting a big ole dose of straighten up and be a better person.  but put in a really gentle, kind, loving way.;D
at the end of the conference there is generally one of the general authorities that comes to speak to all of us in the marriott center.  one of my favorite sessions.  i've told you before how all of those women together singing affects me.  anyhoo...this year l. tom perry spoke to us.  he talked to us about how the outside world thinks of us as mormons.  of course there was the whole polygamy thing...WE ARE NOT!...then the whole we aren't christians thing...hello, my name is marci and i belong to the church of JESUS CHRIST of latter-day saints. nuff said there. we were told that for every 1 person who thinks of mormons favorably there are 4 who don't. huh?  there was the one lady who said that we can't eat ought to hear the laughter ringing through the marriott center on that one...that's the only thing that get many many mormon women through life.  then there were like 4 people on this video he showed us that described us as amish.  it was eye opening.  what i took out of it was this:  truly live my religion.  to me that means this:  try to live like christ by being as loving, kind and respectful of others as i can.  be a good example of the things that our church stands for.  don't be afraid to answer others questions about mormons...that's one that is hard for me because i'm not as educated as  i would like to be but i can try.  so i have a lot to work on and hopefully when i go back next year i will be able to see the progress that i've made this year!
thank you ginny and gretchen for going with me!  
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